Tools of the Trade: projectiondesign F32 Projector

The F32 series of projectors is specifically designed for graphically challenging applications, such as multi-channel seamless visualization walls, domes, and high-resolution imaging. Available in SXGA+, 1080p, and WUXGA resolutions, the single chip DLP® LVDS DMD™ projector with DarkChip3™ features Philips VIDI™ lamp technology, revised color management and configuration options, and active cooling. Features include the manufacturer’s patented DuArch™ dual illumination architecture with hot swappable lamp modules, along with Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColor™ technology and RealColor™ color management suite. The projector can be configured with a range of color wheel options for high brightness, graphics, or VizSim. Optics include motorized zoom, focus, shift, iris, and mechanical shutter. The unit also features a sealed optical architecture designed to ensure trouble-free operation in harsh environments.

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