Tools Of The Trade: Mbox Extreme v3 Media Server From PRG

PRG’s Mbox Extreme™ v3 Media Server features increased speed, streamlined user control, new hardware, and enhanced input and output options. The custom dual I/O module, which provides two discrete outputs for each server, is packaged in a rugged roadcase with a UPS, auxiliary input panel, keyboard, and trackball. To prevent the display of an unintended signal, the I/O module’s program monitor function stops any video output when the server application is not running in full screen mode. The media server works with up to six layers of content that can be displayed simultaneously. Users can transition content on the same layer, simplifying cueing and playback and making six layers the effective equivalent of 12 layers, according to the manufacturer. With 1080p playback, the system serves HD content resolution and can play back embedded audio tracks from selected movies as well as AIFF files of 16-bit, two-channel stereo with volume control. The software can handle up to four local video inputs, including one input standard via a DeckLink HD Extreme capture card with inputs (SD, component, or composite) up to 1080p, and a second input standard using FireWire/USB DV. All video inputs can be de-interlaced on the fly. Additional features include SMPTE and MIDI timecode inputs for synching movie playback; DVI, RGBHV, and SD/HD-SDI stage outputs; and a DVI preview output on both dual output I/O modules. No additional hardware is required for the SDI output.

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