Tools of The Trade: Landru Design VideoScreen 4 and SoftGoods Plug-ins for Vectorworks

Landru Design offers two new Vectorworks® software plug-ins: VideoScreen 4 and SoftGoods.

VideoScreen 4 is a suite of plug-in objects that enables users to insert 2D and 3D models of video devices into Vectorworks drawings. Using the Vectorworks object info palette, video device formats and other parameters can be defined and changed on the fly. Screen sizes can be changed as projects evolve. The plug-in places projectors based on screen size and on projector lens rating, or it can give lens estimates based on screen size and users’ projector placement. The "Plus" version adds edge-blending and LED array capability.

SoftGoods is a plug-in object that allows users to insert models of straight and curved curtains and borders, as well as straight pipe-and-drape runs into Vectorworks drawings. Models can be resized on-the-fly using the Vectorworks Object Info palette or by dragging handles. This plug-in will also help users track part counts.

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