Radical Lighting Launches PixelDrive V 2

Radical Lighting launches PixelDrive 2, the latest version of its pixel mapping software. PixelDrive 2 capitalizes on the success of both the original PixelDrive and the Radlite NG media server series and includes many new features.

The most significant is the addition of a video output for driving LED devices and services like SoftLED, VersaTUBE, ColorWeb, etc; and the new easy-to-use fixture creator to create new profiles for color mixing fixtures.

Radical Lighting has also created a Personal Edition (PE) of PixelDrive 2, which incorporates all the new functionality and features with a “personal” price tag.

The full version of PixelDrive 2 has been rolled into Radical’s NG series of media servers, offering rental companies video control and pixel mapping from the same system.

Show files from PixelDrive PE or from Radical Lighting’s other entry level product, VideoDrive, can be imported into any NG system.

Radical Lighting’s NG series consists of several video media server modules, each dealing with separate display types. NG1 deals with videos and live cameras; NG2 handles graphics and the creation of abstract effects; NG3 is a sophisticated particle generator; NG4 deals with sound-to-light wave effects and NG5 with text.

All have advance keystoning features, multiple output capability and edge blending. The modules can be used separately or as “click and fit” fixtures.

PixelDrive 2 software can be used as a plug-in to any or all of these NG modules.

PixelDrive 2’s New Features:

· New control fixture for high resolution 3D-based video playback
· Personality editor allows the easy creation of new profiles for color mixing fixtures
· Support for non-rectangular color mixers
· New cuelist-based scheduler
· Selectable grids with snap function
· Auto-align utility
· DMX auto re-patch function
· Flip and swap horizontal/vertical
· Group color mixers can be treated as a single selection
· MIDI support (not available on PE edition)
· Identify function for the easy location of a fixture
· Video output for controlling LED surfaces of all types, e.g. VersaTube, ColorWeb, SoftLED MiTrix, Stealth, etc.

Updated From Version 1:

· Live video input now compatible with virtually all modern capture cards

· Up to four live inputs (hardware depending)
· Updated RlGrafix and Particle layers allowing for 3D control
· Full clipboard support including cut/copy, paste, and undo
· Improved zoom/resize of the workspace
· Non-linear Graduation Generator in RlGrafix
· Extended ArtNet support allowing more flexible addressing and unicast support
· Updated library with 200+ new video clips
· Support for all common color models such as RGB, CMY, HSL as well as dimmer channels

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