Projection Product Of The Year, Display: VER Revolution

Projection Product Of The Year, Display: VER Revolution

The Revolution Reveal G55 Transparent Video Display is designed and engineered for indoor use in the rental and staging industry. Up to 64 55" modules, with associated rigging, power, and video components, may be arranged in matrices up to 8x8 per video input. The displays may also be grouped and divided into a variety of creative configurations. "VER’s new Revolution screen was the thing premiering at LDI that blew away everybody," says one judge. "Completely clear LCD, it has captured the holy grail of translucency, with full-color reproduction on demand, configurable in panels up to 8x8. The ever popular ‘hologram effect’ is now achievable without paying ludicrous amounts of money for Mylar threads that take up major stage real estate. Watch as this product explodes on corporate and concert stages this year."

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