Projection Product Of The Year, Accessory (Tie): Airflex 5D

Projection Product Of The Year, Accessory (Tie): Airflex 5D

The Airflex5D is a 2D/3D projector-stacking system that precisely aligns the images of multiple projectors into one single picture with amplified brightness, or in other words, a little all-in-one device that can do warping and edge-blending on projectors without needing software or servers. Plus, it is compatible with curved or dome projection formats, and supports multiple inputs and controls. As one of our judges says, "It brings a lot of the tools traditionally found only on high-end media servers or professional video tools into a compact, inexpensive box. The tiny box is capable of projector stacking, warping, blending, and other image manipulation options. All of this can be done on one video signal, which reduces the need to have several video outputs from a server to drive a blended or stacked projector setup."

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