Our Heroes: Barco And The Creative Light Machine

The projection community owes a collective tip of our hats to Mats Karlsson and the folks working on Barco’s creative imaging solutions. The new CLM R10+ incorporates a lot of the features that projection designers have been asking for quite some time.

The CLM would be exciting enough just based on the usual numbers: 10k lumens, 1200:1 contrast ratio, and a native SXGA+ (1400x1050) resolution in an all metal chassis with its own rugged rigging kit. With a total weight of just over 65lbs, the CLM may be the lightest, most utile 10k projector available—priced comparably to LCD models of equivalent brightness.

However, the additional features of the CLM are what make it remarkable to the theatrical market—for which it was specifically intended.

The CLM is the first 10k projector with a built-in DMX-controlled optical dowser (dimmer). That’s right: a smooth fading 0-100% optical dimmer that not only gracefully eliminates video black, but allows contrast enhancement of images in dim lighting environments. As if that weren’t enough to grab our attention, the 5-pin DMX connection also enables control of the focus, zoom and lens shift.

The feature set doesn’t end there. The construction of the CLM’s cooling system and light engine allow it to be tilted safely on its side or back. The sealed DLP core keeps the optics at optimal operation for years. The ScenergiX system provides built-in horizontal and vertical electronic edge blending.

The CLM’s single chip DLP core is interestingly powered by a 4-lamp system. The lamps are relatively low-cost, making the system nicely redundant and cheap to maintain.

Beyond the sheer enthusiasm for this particular product, projection professionals should be excited by this show of Barco’s dedication to provide new solutions to the entertainment market.

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