The NHL Takes To Projection Mapping

The NHL Takes To Projection Mapping

In an attempt to fill seats, NHL team, The Devils, have invested a million dollars into a projection system for their home ice at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., according to Wired.  Video production company, Quince Imaging created pre-game presentations involving live video, animations, projection mapping, and choreography for the Devils as well as Cleveland Cavaliers, Calgary Flames, Philadelphia 76ers, and Atlanta Hawks

For the pre-game presentation at the Prudential Center, the Devils' mascot sets fire to the rink, while a player in a Devils' uniform skates around the rink, turning it back to chilly ice. Quince needed to practice this choreography multiple times in order to plan and track the player's route to match the graphics to his movement.

Quince uses 12 HD (1080p) projectors arranged in six pairs that are suspended from rafters above the center scoreboard. Each pair of projectors produces 26,000 lumens. While the projectors work well on the ice, the team has to get creative with projection mapping when it comes to dark spots and logos that do not diffuse the light well.

For the Cleveland Cavalier's presentation, Quince used coolux Pandoras Box servers to track individual players and have their jersey numbers follow them around as they move on the court.

Check out a video of Quince Imaging's presentation for the New Jersey Devils below.

To read more, visit the full article on Wired.

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