New To LDI: ArKaos MediaMaster 5.4 And GrandVJ 2.6

ArKaos MediaMaster 5.4 And GrandVJ 2.6

ArKaos introduces updated software, MediaMaster 5.4 and GrandVJ 2.6 video and media control platforms, adding Track DJ and full fixture control for the video mapper. Full fixture control allows lighting designers and operators to control LED screens/surfaces like lighting fixtures. Users can patch any video mapper surface or video output into a controller and use it as if it is a lighting fixture controlled by standard lighting console parameters and functions. TrackDJ allows seamless synchronization of video clips with a live DJ or to beat-match short video loops. Since ArKaos recently added support for timecode over Art-Net, the timecode event has been extended to include BPM and artist/track name information, making it easier to track the realtime creative work of a DJ as he or she is playing live.

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