Medialon Manager 4 Software Debuts

Medialon has announced the debut of Medialon Manager 4, the latest version of its popular show control software. The company will be showing Medialon Manager 4 at LDI (booth #633).

The new software release builds on the benefits and legacy of Manager V3 which boasts more than 1,000 installed systems and a reputation for reliable control. It adds revolutionary new features which have been implemented after three years of research by one of the industry’s most experienced show control development teams whose credits include the Wynn Las Vegas water attraction, Cirque du Soleil spectaculars, the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris and others.

Manager 4 software controls and synchronizes digital audio and video, lighting dimmers and desks, matrix switchers, image processors, videowalls, lasers, fireworks, special effects and more, all over one network. It offers frame-accurate synchronization, even on digital video; DMX; MIDI; serial acquisition and editing; multitasking; and permanent device position tracking to optimize producers’ creativity. Its graphical programming and customizable user interface adapts to exactly meet customers’ needs and allows development of sophisticated locked applications.

A new programming GUI has been designed to ease and reduce programming time with drag-and-drop and programming wizard. No code-programming skills are required even for complex shows.

In addition, the workspace can be adapted to users’ needs by displaying all show elements at a glance. Its dark background avoids “light pollution” backstage, and its new “open-cap” interface protocol allows control of almost all functionalities in the software from a dedicated console or lighting desk, eliminating stressful mouse manipulation during show performances.

For permanent installations, Manager 4 includes a built-in GUI editor allowing creation of a customized user interface on local screens or remote standard touch panels over Wi-fi running Windows® and Medialon Panel, a free touchscreen interface editor.

Medialon engineers have developed new MRC technology to control hundreds of devices no matter what control hardware is used from DMX and MIDI to serial and TCP/IP, over a network or directly from a PC. Standard PC hardware or proprietary hardware from other vendors can be used to connect and control devices.

MRC permits offline programming by emulating the presence of control hardware even if devices or control hardware is not present.

It also offers the ability to establish redundant show control systems. When Medialon Manager 4 detects failure on the first system, it automatically disconnects the failed system and reconnects the backup system to controlled hardware maintaining seamless show performance.

Medialon’s MIP is a multimedia hardware player which plays any type of digital media: Flash, Mpg, Divx, PPT, JPEG, HTML, URL, etc...with an integrated playlist programming and planning tool. MIP is used for the playback of media, interactive kiosks and digital signage in state-of-the-art museums such as the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris.

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