LUMA Festival Brings Projection Innovations To The Streets

LUMA Festival is an annual art event focused on projection mapping. The festival, consisting of projections on the buildings in Binghamton, NY, has taken place since 2015, and brings together video and projection artists from all over the world to transform the downtown area for up to 30,000 visitors. It is an important part of the annual arts calendar, inviting thousands to attend free of charge to see the latest in project-mapping innovations and experience the power of entertainment technology outside a major art hub. 

Joshua Bernard Ludzki, LUMA Festival co-founder, says, “With less of a need to experience communal storytelling, as a society, we lose our common vocabulary and our ability to connect and empathize with each other. That’s what we aim to solve through the LUMA Festival—to re-build that shared storytelling experience and common cultural vocabulary that’s so critical today.” Adds Tice Lerner, festival co-founder, “The ability to take a digital asset and make it tangible is truly extraordinary."

Panasonic Connect supports the festival with projection equipment innovations:

  • Panasonic’s projection technology enables the LUMA team and participating artists to transform historic architecture into a digital fine art visual display with large 3D projection mapping technology as the artistic medium. The high-brightness, high-performance and reliable technology provides easy-to-use, pre-programmable and sustainable capabilities perfect for the event, allowing the artists to simplify the projection mapping process by covering the entire building with perfectly blended visuals.
  • This year, Panasonic Connect worked with artists to help them leverage the Panasonic PT-RQ22, PT-RQ35, and PT-RZ21 projectors.
  • Easy to install, Panasonic’s projection technology produces vividly colored active scenes rich in detail with high brightness, true color accuracy and high contrast, transforming downtown Binghamton into an exciting, immersive visual display.
  • The consistent color and high-brightness levels of Panasonic’s projectors are extremely beneficial when creating immersive experiences, as they negate all visual discrepancies, especially while working in an unpredictable, weather-challenging outdoor environment.
  • Panasonic Connect has extensive experience in the world of immersive entertainment, providing the projection technology for similar community events, such as Let’s Glow SF and the Napa Lighted Art Festival, in addition to the projectors for indoor immersive experiences, like those that take place in AREA15’s multi-purpose live events space, The Portal.

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