LMG And The Production Network Count On DNF Controls


DNF Controls announced that LMG has purchased two 2044CL Clip Instant Access Systems. LMG is using the systems to provide reliable, precise production support at major live events and exhibitions across the US, including support for show designer and producer The Production Network.

"When The Production Network came to us looking for a control solution that would support a host of DDRs and VTRs from various manufacturers, we couldn't imagine using anything but DNF equipment," says Neil Morrison, video services manager at LMG Inc. "For CES this year, we needed to produce extremely complex presentations for a high-profile clientele that were speaking to audiences of thousands, so the whole thing had to go off without a hitch. The DNF 2044CL control system allowed us to meet the extreme demands of the situation, which required an elevated level of playback complexity and multiple sync roll scenarios. It was the perfect control hardware to accommodate our needs."

The two 2044CL systems each include DNF's ST400 controller and the ST420 Shotbox, which provides 30 powerful buttons for instant access to 300 single-clip or multiple-clip combinations. This control system gives users the power to merge prerecorded material with live production, synchronously play multiple channels, set in and out points to trim clips, and loop one or more channels.

The 2044CL system controls up to eight individual or ganged video playout channels. The Shotbox key displays the assigned clip name or user-entered label directly on its face for fast, easy access. The capture function allows simple ingest of clips from a source VTR into the video server.

"All six of our clients at CES had multiple tape and DDR cues to play back during their speeches. As we were timing client rehearsals to their actual live performances, we needed a way to reliably store their cues for later playout during the show," explains Todd Williams, technical director at The Production Network. "DNF's control solution was the only one that could simultaneously meet the needs of our diverse group of clients in a live environment, and it simplified the process dramatically. In fact, when one client changed all of its content 45 minutes before show time, the DNF controller allowed us to organize all the new content and place it in show order quickly and successfully."

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