LDI Product Preview: Di-VentiX II™ From Analog Way

Analog Way’s Di-VentiX II is a multi-layer high-resolution mixer scaler seamless switcher with universal analog and digital input/output and full high-resolution digital processing. It offers numerous live effects, including keying and moving PiP, as well as three operating modes: multi-layer mixer, standalone embedded edge-blending, and seamless native matrix. In multi-layer mixer mode, the unit uses one output as a preview and the other for the audience. The preview allows 100% viewing of what the main output will display. With full frame and logo memory, the system can display up to six layers: four live sources, one frame, and one logo. Live layers can be customized by the users with various attributes—borders, mask, movements, zoom, keying, or transparency—and screen frame can be used as a background or as a foreground mask. In embedded edge-blending mode, the unit provides a standalone screen blending horizontally or vertically. In seamless native matrix mode, an 8x2 scaled matrix provides seamless switching. The unit offers eight universal analog inputs including four with digital DVI and SDI, and it outputs digital and analog signals in SDI, DVI, and VGA (RGBHV) simultaneously with a selection of formats. Additional features include 10-bit SD/HD auto adaptive, pixel-by-pixel 3D motion compensation processing; deinterlacing; auto 3:2 and 2:2 reverse pull down circuitry and processing; TBC, frame follower, and Genlock input. A loop output is also available for chaining other devices, and an optional video output card provides SD or HDTV formats in various signals and connectors from composite video to HD SDI.

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