LDI New Product: PRG Mbox v4

LDI New Product: PRG Mbox v4

Mbox version 4 from PRG software includes a full update of the underlying code and new features such as new flexibility with output setups, up to 32 independent output masters, mixes, a revised user interface, added layers for playback in every version, 4K playback and output, and more pixel-mapping output. Changes to the code improve performance significantly, without impacting ease of use, speed of programming, according to the manufacturer. Future additions to the software will include image sequence playback, the HAP codec, and integration of more functionality in the Mbox Remote application. On the rental side, a major upgrade to v3 hardware includes replacement of the computer with a new Mac Pro and upgrades to the existing IO Module for compatibility with the new Mac Pro and to accept tri-level genlock sync. The new computer, coupled with the Mbox v4 software, allows for more outputs with additional hardware. The rental server runs Mbox Designer v4 software. prg.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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