LDI New Product: PixelFLEX FLEXUltra New Pitch Options

LDI New Product: PixelFLEX FLEXUltra New Pitch Options

The FLEXUltra product line from PixelFLEX has been expanded with the introduction of 1.6mm, 1.9mm, and 1.9mm front-serviceable LED video panels, as well as 2.5mm and 2.57mm curveable front-serviceable options. The range offers some of the highest resolution LED walls on the market, according to the manufacturer, and allows for the creation of either convex or concave video walls with custom designed frames. The tiles are calibrated directly out of the box to help decrease failure and insure perfect color and brightness of any LED display. Complete with stainless steel guide pins for perfect alignment, the magnetically secure panels allow for secure fastening to the custom frames, as well as removal for service requirements. In the front-serviceable models, the magnetized LED panels can be removed from the front for replacement of LEDs. pixelflexled.com

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