LDI New Product: Pandoras Box And Widget Designer Version 6.0

LDI New Product: Pandoras Box And Widget Designer Version 6.0

Pandoras Box v6 from Christie offers enhancements to the user-experience and workflow, including a multiuser mode for simultaneous timeline editing, warping, and content manipulation; UV map adjustment within the preview; editable meshes for on-the-fly FFD and vertex-warping; an editable live canvas for masking and painting of any kind within Pandoras Box; a pixel-based user interface for easier content handling; 2D-focused user interface for content interaction without interfering with the third dimension; 3D render engine access that can be enabled with a single click in the preview window; and preview interaction allows all new modes and parameters to be used directly in the render engine. Updates to Widget Designer include a redesigned HTML5 user interface; native HTML front end, including CSS styles; animation and transition support for all pages and widgets; new composite nodes, allowing the integration of node-systems into reusable custom nodes; workflow optimizations; improved scripting language; and optimized performance due to 64-bit and web-based components. christiedigital.com

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