LDI New Product: Luminex Ethernet-DMX 4.2.0 And GigaCore 2.1.0

LDI New Product: Luminex Ethernet-DMX 4.2.0 And GigaCore 2.1.0

Luminex Ethernet-DMX 4.2.0 firmware brings new functionality to the Ethernet-DMX converter range, including support of the RTTrPL protocol, X Fade, and Output Limiter. Support of the Real Time Tracking Protocol for Light (RTTrPL) offers tighter integration with the Cast BlackTrax system, so that users can merge control from a lighting console running Art-Net or sACN with the protocol from BlackTrax. X Fade gives users the ability to crossfade between two lighting sources through a dedicated DMX channel, for example between a venue’s house lighting controller and its lighting console. The Output Limiter allows the main operator to limit or master the output value of particular channels when two lighting controllers have control of the same lighting fixture. GigaCore’s new 2.1.0 firmware includes the Profile Manager feature and IEEE 1588 PTP V2 support. This range of Ethernet switches is suitable for creating AV networks in a matter of minutes. Profile Manager allows saving or recall of a profile and immediately viewing of its content through the web interface. IEEE 1588 PTP V2 (Precision Time Protocol) support enables the switches to be part of the clock domain when using time-sensitive sound protocols, such as AES 67 or Ravenna. luminex.be

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