LDI New Product: Green Hippo LINX DPXSDI

LDI New Product: Green Hippo LINX DPXSDI

To help solve issues when converting a single 4K DisplayPort into four 3G-SDI signals, Green Hippo introduces LINX DPXSDI, a rack-mounted splitter that takes a full 4K and UHD DisplayPort input and converts it to four independent, gen-locked, 3G-SDI outputs. Connections include two DisplayPort 1.2 inputs, eight 3G-SDI outputs, one external genlock input on BNC, and one USB for management. Input resolutions accepted on each input are 3,840x1,080, 3,840x2,160, 4,096x2,160. Supported input frame rates at all resolutions include 30, 50, 59.94, and 60fps. TMB is the exclusive distributor of Green Hippo products in the Americas. green-hippo.com  tmb.com

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