LDI New Product: Green Hippo Hippotizer v4.2

LDI New Product: Green Hippo Hippotizer v4.2

Hippotizer version 4.2 from Green Hippo features several new offerings, including direct DMX control of VideoMapper tiles; support for multiple viewports, which enables large output counts when working with a Datapath Fx4 multi-display controller; and the ability to start a new show directly from HippoLaunch. Green Hippo has also integrated with two realtime composition and processing tools, Smode and Notch. Smode offers seamless 2D/3D workflow in a layer-based interface with a timeline and an extensive list of modifiers. Notch is a node-based editor with a timeline and library of building blocks for image processing, particle systems field effects, and 3D rendering. www.green-hippo.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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