LDI New Product: Elation Professional EVHD Series

LDI New Product: Elation Professional EVHD Series

Available in three different pixel pitches (2.8, 3.9, and 5.9 mm), EVHD from Elation Professional is a new family of high-definition LED panels that feature a lightweight, fanless, and bezel-free design in a die-cast aluminum frame. A modular front maintenance construction means the EVHD panels can be mounted within inches of a wall, and lockable curve adjustments make convex or concave designs possible. Designers can create seamless curved video displays, including full circle designs, while maintaining pixel pitch and without visible gaps. The panels use long-life SMD 2121 RGB LEDs (SMD 1515 for the 2.8 version) in a 500mm x 500mm format with 140° horizontal and 120° vertical viewing angle. Pixel by pixel calibration ensures optimal color rendering and maximum evenness across the displays, and 14-bit grayscale processing produces a high quality picture. A broadcast-quality refresh rate means the screens won´t show flickering, and a universal auto-sensing voltage power supply is included. elationlighting.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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