LDI New Product: Dazian Halo Tiles

LDI New Product: Dazian Halo Tiles

Halo Tiles™ from Dazian are modules that are held to a MagLED Wall™ by a high-strength magnet, while RGB LEDs backlight the tiles to create a halo glowing effect. To change a look, the tiles can be released and replaced, and they can be up- or down-lit to create a two-tone look or using a gobo for added texture or motion. The walls connect together vertically or horizontally. Base plates are provided for freestanding use, up to a height of 8’, and eyebolts can be used for suspended installations up to 16’. A three-channel DMX decoder is included with each frame, and it also has a variety of single-color and rotating color effects for standalone operation. The tiles are available in three patterns: Moroccan, Noodle, and Star. dazian.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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