LDI New Product: d3 Technologies d3 2x2plus

LDI New Product: d3 Technologies d3 2x2plus

The d3 2x2plus from d3 technologies brings the flexibility of the d3 platform to smaller productions such as theatre, architainment, and fixed installations. It’s a 2U server, without pro range features such as Genlock and networked playback, but the unit comes installed with the same d3 software featured across the product line. It can Push Every Pixel® of its two 2,560x1,600 outputs, with an extra output reserved for the GUI. The d3 2x2plus base unit can be customized to include 3G-SDI or DVI capture as well as pro audio. It plays back up to eight layers of HD video (DXV or HAP codecs) or up to two layers of uncompressed HD video (QT Animation codec). Users can simultaneously run up to 256 universes of Art-Net or KiNet, receive motion control information, and map content in realtime. d3technologies.com

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