LDI New Product: Avolites Ai V10

LDI New Product: Avolites Ai V10

Ai version 10 from Avolites features an overhauled user interface and new features, most significant of which are Notch, a realtime effects generator, and Spout Integration, a realtime video-sharing framework for Windows that allows users to share frames across applications on a computer. BPM sync allows users to assign a number of beats to a video clip to create immersive audiovisual experience. The software update will also offer a new projection-mapping tool, MeshWarp, a combination of Projective Keystone and Grid Warp, which enables users to warp content to match the projection surface. Timeline is also a major addition, providing control of video in a timecode environment, while allowing live control simultaneously. The new version will be officially available for download by the end of the year. Avolites products are distributed in the US by Group One Ltd. avolites.com or g1limited.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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