LDI New Product: ArKaos MediaMaster Pro 5.0

LDI New Product: ArKaos MediaMaster Pro 5.0

MediaMaster Pro 5.0 media server software from ArKaos has been updated, most significantly with the introduction of MediaHub. This addition allows users to share content between servers or computers over networks, synchronize a content library over networks, remotely monitor the status of any additional machine running MediaMaster, import new content remotely in the library of any server, organize a library of content remotely from any computer, and synchronize new content or a backup server just before a show. Enhancements to the software include up to 36 layers to prepare, play, and output more visuals and effects (in theatre and fixture mode); synchronization of text with the new lyric player; and DMX patching over multiple universes and an auto-patching feature. LED mapper integration offers automatic discovery of Art-Net nodes connected on a network and a unicast connection to fixtures for optimal network bandwidth usage. Arkaos products are distributed in the US by AC Lighting. arkaos.net or aclighting.com

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