LDI 2014 New Product: ArKaos Pro LEDMaster

LDI 2014 New Product: ArKaos Pro LEDMaster

LEDMaster is an all-in-one solution for delivering LED show control in three steps: map, program, and playback. Designed to work in conjunction with ArKaos PRO’s Kling-Net protocol, it automatically recognizes and configures any Kling-Net LED device to prepare it for mapping. Through Kling-Net, the device’s resolution and pixel format is sent to the LEDMaster, which can read and change parameters. Scenes can be created by importing visuals from the user’s own library or with the new Live Pattern Generator. This function creates hard-edged visuals based on video frames mapped onto the display. The timeline-based function gives the choice of preprogramming or running the show live. Scenes can be triggered live, automatically, randomly, or sequentially, while the Easy Beat Detection feature ensures every look is unique with no repetition. Auto-configuration allows control of a large range of devices from just one media server. ArKaos products are distributed in the US by A.C. Lighting Inc.
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