Kelsey Booth: Best Practices For Projectors Used In Theatrical Environments Downtown Chamber Series with Joe Pug. Photo by Leland Gebhardt.

Kelsey Booth: Best Practices For Projectors Used In Theatrical Environments

Digital projection specialist Kelsey Booth is an accomplished technician and designer with experience in lighting, projection, and rigging. She spent three years as technical director for Lighting Audio Video Arts, ASU's in-house production department. She is making her first appearance as a speaker at LDIwith a session based on her thesis: Best Practices for Projectors Used in Theatrical Environments.
Kelsey Booth
“My session will be useful to anyone from a student or early career professional wanting to know how the optical systems in a 3-chip DLP projector works to an experienced projectionist interested in implementing monitoring on projectors to identify impending failures before they effect a show,” says Booth. “Highlights will include field troubleshooting and monitoring, ways to mitigate effects of adverse conditions on projector performance, and the effects of different optical elements on the image. I’ll also have various demo pieces such as a 3-chip DLP light engine and examples of various failures available for participants to examine.”
This session is part of Production Techniques in the LDInnovation & Technology Conference. Register for LDI 2014 today!
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