Hippotizer V3 Released

Green Hippo Ltd has announced the first full release of Hippotizer V3 software for their award winning media server range. Although V3 hardware has been available for several months all systems to date have been supplied with V2 software alongside a Beta Version of the latest incarnation. Extensive testing has been carried out on projects as large as The Eurovision Song Contest with Spectra in Finland and Frobisher with Mode Studios in the USA to ensure the system has real-world verification.

Features new to Version 3 are timeline, media synchronization across servers, HippoNet multi-system communications, and built-in media encoding capabilities. The frame-blending and full HD playback capabilities remain, as does the intuitive user interface, albeit now with multi-monitor integration.

“To some of us it feels like we’ve been in BETA phase for ever,” says Green Hippo director James Ross Heron. “But we’ve always set our standards as ex-event guys, knowing that products which don’t work to full capability in the events industry are a hindrance not a progression. One of Green Hippo’s first mission statements was to not Beta Test our products on paying customers without their knowledge. Our refusal to be pressured into full release is based on just that, and now we are confident this product is finished and ready to be fed into shows to make a real difference to how media is played back in live environments.”

Green Hippo’s “chief product evangelist” Nigel Sadler has been at the forefront of the testing. “Going into full release with this software is a personal milestone for me,” he says. “I’ve spent the better part of six months on the road testing and pushing Hippotizer to the limits on everything from opera to dance events and I’ve never been so confident to see a product fall into the hands of the end users. We’ve already started to respond to user requests for the next update and we’re seeing operators achieving results even we’ve never envisaged. Only last week I was at Industrial Resolution Festival in Manchester with six HD Hippotizers synchronized to give the highest resolution screen a dance event has ever done. A first, even before we were out of BETA! We like our jobs!”

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