High End Systems Introduces DL.3™

High End Systems Inc. (HES) introduces DL.3™, the newest addition to—and the next generation of—its line of digital lighting products. The DL.3 digital automated lighting fixture, featuring an integrated media server, takes projection possibilities to the next level with a number of new features.

DL.3 is equipped with a 6500 lumen 3-chip LCD projector, making it the highest output for a 3 Chip Digital Light. A high 2000:1 contrast ratio results in a dark “video black.” The projection possibilities on DL.3 are expanded with new lens options for longer throw projection applications. Also new in the DL.3 is an SDI input/output for professional AV applications.

A new projection feature includes a DMX-controlled vertical lens shift function. This allows the user to set the lens shift function by DMX cue and thus reduce the amount of keystone correction required to produce a normalized image.

Says HES chief technology officer Richard Belliveau, “The DL.3 with its array of new features provides the programmer/user with a powerful visual graphics tool that can meet the expectations of today’s audiences that are being constantly barraged with 3D and virtual reality entertainment choices.”

Also new in DL.3 is a large surface area HEPA filter used to protect the projection optics from theatrical haze and debris. This results in an extremely low cooling noise.

DL.3 additionally enhances existing software features such as Collage Generator™. This patent-pending feature enables multiple DL.3 units to create seamless vertical, horizontal, or central panoramic media projections controlled from a lighting console. Using multiple digital lighting fixtures allows the user to increase effective screen luminance. Collage Generator supports any configuration up to 8x8 arrays (64-unit edge blending).

Expanded stock libraries are offered in high-resolution still images and video footage. All royalty-free, the subject matter includes a range from animals and plants in natural landscapes, abstract designs to general scenic backgrounds with more than 1,400 lighting-optimized files.

A host of highly creative visual artists from all over the world have provided this complimentary content. Some familiar industry names include Idyll Hands Imagery from Rodd Mclaughlin and LD Patrick Dierson. There are also landscapes from lighting industry veteran-turned photographer David Alley. Charles Terrell of Daddy Van Productions designs touring backdrops for Rascall Flatts, Marilyn Manson, Norah Jones and many others. His content features high-res footage loops created by him and business partner Polly Parsons, daughter of the legendary Gram Parsons.

Other libraries are offered from V Squared Labs (video loops), JTM Photography (hi-res nature images), WetDigital (high-res underwater footage) and Virtual-Life-Media (high-res abstract hyper footage). The integrated media server also supports the importing of the user’s custom content including 3D objects, media files and still images.

DL.3’s integrated camera system is constructed of Super HAD CCD sensor technology with an infrared illuminator. It provides live video input and output from the fixture location.

DL.3 is designed for easy maintenance. Tool-less lamp replacement allows the user to easily remove and replace the lamp module via a rear bezel without special tools.

DL.3 hangs like a standard moving light fixture or may stand upright on a stable surface. The fixture alone weighs 140 pounds, or 260 pounds packed in its road case (which comes standard with purchase).

Says HES executive VP of Sales & Marketing Bill Morris, “DL.3 offers so many creative and labor-saving options where flexibility needs are endless but time and budget are not.”

The DL.3 represents the fourth generation of digital lighting products from HES and is the flagship addition to the product line, which includes the Orbital Head, Axon Media Server, and DL.2 digital light.

HES is taking orders for DL.3. Now in production at the Austin, TX headquarters, DL.3 begins shipping the end of February and makes its worldwide debut in March at the Pro Light & Sound Show in Frankfurt, Germany.

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