GoboMan Launches Brighter Gobo Projector

GoboMan is pleased to announce the introduction of the GP100 GoboMan Projector Light. The new GP100 is designed to be a brighter version of the popular GP75 GoboMan Projector Light. This 100-watt Gobo Projector is designed with all the same features of the GP75 but is 30% brighter. Rebel Hoffman, co-owner of GoboMan explains that the similarities are intentional, “Everything is the same in the GP100 as far as operation and simplicity of design; we just increased the light output with the 100-watt lamp. The ease of operation is a key feature of our Projector Light and we didn’t want to sacrifice any of that by changing around too many things in this next step.”

GoboMan’s Steve Hoffman agrees, “We’ve had such a great reaction to the original GP75 Gobo Projector, but from customer feedback we knew that people would want a brighter unit so we started working to introduce this 100-watt version quickly. Our goal at GoboMan is to listen to our customer feedback and respond to it in as timely a fashion as possible. We launched the GP100 Gobo Projector at the recent WFX Show in Dallas this past November to wonderful response and are pleased to announce that it is now widely available.”

Like the previous model, the GP100 includes everything for immediate projection, even the gobos. Five steel gobos and four color filters come as standard along with a 12V, 100W halogen lamp. One additional option now offered with the GP100 is color choice of either black or white. “We received a lot of requests for a Gobo Projector Light in white, which we are happy to have now added as an option in the GP100 line,” says Steve.

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