Gepco Introduces V-Con Multi-Channel Video Connector System

Gepco International is setting a new standard for multi-channel video connectors with its introduction of the V-Con Connector System. Designed to withstand harsh environments, the V-Con system provides the bandwidth and electrical performance for multi-channel HD interconnects in a durable, all-weather design.

The core of the V-Con system, Gepco V-Con connectors, feature an all-metal body, locking set-screw, and integrated cord grip. The 3GHz coaxial elements are constructed from stainless steel and 50u gold-plated contacts to prevent corrosion and ensure long mating life. Through a configurable insert, the V-Con connectors are available in three- to six-channel versions, as well as 10-, 12- or 16-channel versions. This performance and flexibility enables V-Con connectors to be used for both component video and high-density, uncompressed HD video applications.

“Using feedback from users in the field, our V-Con connector system was designed to meet the specific needs and demands of remote broadcast,” says Gary Geppert, Gepco’s founder and CEO/CTO. “The rugged design of the V-Con ensures consistent and reliable matings. Designed as a complete system, the V-Con series of products provides users with a turnkey, field-deployable option for the distribution of multi-channel video.”

Built in a heavy gauge aluminum chassis with a recessed top plate, the V-Con breakout boxes provide exceptional durability and connector protection. For easy access and patching, each coaxial channel in the V-Con connector is wired to a female BNC connector. Breakout boxes are available in a variety of channel versions.

V-Con distribution racks are available in a variety of configurations and sizes. Each contact of the V-Con is wired out to a BNC female connector on the back panel for up to 160 coaxial channels. To meet the specific needs and space requirements of each installation, the distribution racks vary and are available either with three V-Con connectors in a 2RU height, five in a 3RU height or 10 connectors in a 4RU height.

V-Con terminated cable assemblies offer an extremely rugged interconnect system for HD or component video applications. The snake cable features miniature, high-bandwidth, gas-injected coaxial elements that are jacketed with an overall, weather-resistant TPE jacket. For additional protection, the V-Con connector is sealed with an overbody, epoxy-lined heat shrink.

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