ETC Shows New Pharos™ AVC At LDI 2006

In a record-setting product-introduction year for ETC and in keeping with their Complete Control™ campaign, the company showed the new Pharos AVC (Audio Visual Controller) at their LDI 2006 booth. ETC is the exclusive North American distributor for Pharos Architectural Control products, and the new AVC is the latest in this award-winning compact control line-up.

A solid-state device, the Pharos AVC is a space-conscious but powerful solution for the control of audio and visual effects within themed environments. The AVC offers functionality equivalent to two DVD players and a vision mixer, with additional live input, all under integrated show control. AV clips, transitions and effects are programmed quickly and easily via the Pharos Designer software. An internal real-time and astronomical clock along with a bi-directional RS232/RS485 serial port provide triggering options for stand-alone operation. The AVC also combines seamlessly with the Pharos LPC (Lighting Playback Controller) as the second half of a complete control solution providing lighting, audio, video and show control for architectural installations.

Pharos AVC is particularly well suited for handling interactive video presentations in retail, club, museum, worship-production, and other themed environments.

Also on display at ETC’s LDI 2006 show booth was the Pharos Remote Input Output module (RIO). This is a new addition to the Pharos LPC range, providing contact closures, analogue inputs, relay outputs and Serial RS232/485 anywhere on the Pharos LPC network, for even more flexible show-control solutions.

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