Dreamstime.com Enters New Creative Direction

Celebrating its seventh year on the web, Dreamstime.com has earned recognition as a paramount micro-stock agency. To continue its initiative to further enhance its image and creative direction, Dreamstime.com has added a new creative mind to the collective works.

Dreamstime.com is proud to introduce its newest team member, Ellen Boughn, who joins the Dream team as content director.

Boughn is a well-known stock photography expert who has worked in executive positions at large companies including Tony Stone, Corbis, Workbook Stock, SuperStock, Artville, Punchstock, and Uppercut Images in addition to working with a number of independent stock agencies, photographers, publishers, and corporations. She was an active consultant for The George Hurrell Estate Collection, Horace Bristol Photography, Magnum, and many professional photographers.

Boughn was responsible for licensing Horace Bristol’s collection to Corbis and was subsequently employed as its executive editor. She later joined Miles Gerstein’s company, Artville, a division of the Image Bank and built the collection that became the foundation for the royalty free collection, Brand X.

A 25-year photography business veteran, Boughn is an authority on the value of copyright and intellectual property rights. As founder of After-Image, she and her agency were the first for advertising and design clients based on the West Coast.

Boughn was responsible for working with the film industry to establish the first set license fees for stock usages in that industry and was a visionary in the mid-1980s, seeing that digital images would revolutionize the industry.

Boughn’s expertise and direction will bring a traditional facet to the Dreamstime.com community in photographer recruitment, creative collections, editorial content and overall community relations. Her primary initiative will be to bring elements from the conventional side of the business and effectively combine them with the current, contemporary, technologically savvy systems already in place. In addition to her concentration on sharpening the infrastructure of the site, she will also assist in forming alliances with customers and companies from the traditional sector of the business.

“Dreamstime.com is a company that has demonstrated a passionate commitment to its contributors and users; is steadfast and innovative; and is characterized by its high degree of integrity and respect for its partners. Dreamstime.com is an incubator for emerging talent and technology that captures the energy and intelligence of its users in a fresh and supportive fashion,” says Boughn. “I am pleased to be able to bring my experience in the traditional business to this exciting contemporary company in a reciprocated learning and growing environment.”

Boughn’s contribution will enable Dreamstime.com to not only keep the pace in the aggressive stock photography industry, but her directive will enable Dreamstime.com to keep ahead of the rest.

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