Creative Technology Unveils MiTRIX At 2007 NAIAS

Creative Technology unveiled its latest investment in Barco MiTRIX creative LED displays at the recent 2007 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. To showcase GM's introduction of its very first E-Flex vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt Concept Car, Creative Technology outfitted the stage with over 1,400 MiTRIX panels. On a raised stage that served as the booth's focal point, a circular wall of MiTRIX modules over 15' high, was used to display graphics, video content, and corporate logos during the company's opening press conference. During the event's most visually dramatic moment the MiTRIX wall rotated to reveal GM's new E-Flex concept car within. This rotation also revealed that the MiTRIX modules adorned both the inside and outside fascia of the structure.

Ford Motor Company also chose MiTRIX for their press events, along with wide screen HD projection. Incorporated into a massive set featuring a 22.5' X 40' RP center screen and flanked by two 15' x 20' Stewart screens, a pair of MiTRIX 9' x 20' LED screens were positioned stage left and right and placed on roller tracks which opened for car reveals. To enhance the creativity and flexibility of MiTRIX, CT took advantage of its transparency and projected video imagery onto 9' x 30' Dalite cut sheets, positioned 12' behind the MiTRIX screens, creating a 3-dimentional effect. MiTRIX high resolution displays were chosen for these applications because they have the advantage of being small (384x192mm per panel), lightweight (1kg per panel), semi-transparent, and require no special rental structured for installation. In addition to their use as traditional stage backdrops, the MiTRIX “transparent” concept allows the modules to be used as highly creative scenic elements that can be placed anywhere on stage, without restriction.

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