AV Concepts And Scharff Weisberg Lighting Embrace Digital Lighting


Both AV Concepts and Scharff Weisberg Lighting are on the leading edge of digital lighting, thanks to High End Systems.

AV Concepts has acquired Axon Media Servers, and Scharff Weisberg Lighting has taken delivery of DL.2 Digital Lights.

The Axon Media Servers integrate AV Concepts’ video and lighting elements and maximize the value of projection. Designers can incorporate video stills and clips into the overall look and feel of the program in realtime from the lighting console. The device corrects for shape distortions when projecting onto surfaces that are not flat and enables projection onto convex or concave cylinders, angular screens, spheres, and disk-shaped surfaces.

Excellent for projection on cloth, the Axon virtually eliminates the need for heavy set pieces and can facilitate cost savings in design elements. Realtime video effects and manipulations that could take days to create in a traditional video production process can be performed in minutes using these powerful media servers, making way for more spontaneous interaction with clients.

The instrument comes equipped with a stock digital art collection featuring over 1,000 lighting-optimized files and supports importing of custom content including 3D objects, media files, and still images. Axon can feed video to DL.1s, LED panels, or large format projectors.

The DL.2 is a combination media server, moving-light fixture, and video projector. The luminaire comes preloaded with stock digital content, a 5.5K lumen, three-chip DLP light engine, an onboard CCD camera, and an infrared illumination system. The DL.2 mounts like any other intelligent moving unit and controls just as easily using standard DMX cabling and protocols from a moving-light console. The patent-pending Collage software feature enables multiple DL.2 units to create seamless vertical, horizontal, or central panoramic media projections controlled from a lighting console.

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