AV Concepts Acquires Panasonic 10K Projectors and Short Zoom Lenses

AV Concepts has acquired six Panasonic PT-D10000U projectors with 10,000 lumens of brightness. Native resolution is SXGA+ (1400x1050) with a 5000:1 contrast ratio.

To further equip the petite yet powerful projectors, AV Concepts has purchased six accompanying [1.0-1.2] Short Zoom Lenses, giving the projectors rare flexibility in tight meeting room spaces. The newly developed zoom lens allows projector placement to be anywhere from 20’ to 24’ from a 15’ X 20’ projection screen, saving many feet of precious meeting room space. Normal lenses are required to be at least 30’ to 40’ from the projection screen, necessitating a larger room or loss of seating capacity.

The projector’s multi-lamp optical system assures a bright picture, minimal downtime, and high efficiency, allowing a single lamp to go out during operation without drastically hindering luminosity. The Panasonic projectors also feature an Auto Cleaning Robot (ACR) with an air filter and a robotic brush to clean, keeping malfunctions minimal.

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