ArKaos Introduces LED Mapper Extension

Answering to the market's need for an intuitive and flexible software solution to drive LED panels, ArKaos proudly announces the LED Mapper Extension for its flagship product, the ArKaos VJ DMX media server.

The LED Mapper extension makes it simpler to install and operate LED walls, LED tubes, LED color webs, and more. The LED Mapper extension eliminates the need for expensive hardware to convert video signal (VGA or DVI) into DMX signal. Instead, the video output—defined as pixel colors or intensity—is sent directly from the ArKaos VJ DMX server to the panels through the ArtNet protocol (DMX over Ethernet). If needed, this can easily be converted into a standard DMX signal using simple Ethernet-DMX node.

With the LED Mapper Extension and the ArKaos VJ DMX it is possible to operate multiple LED devices, up to a limit of 256 DMX universes, from one single media server.

The ArKaos LED extension also provides an intuitive yet powerful mapping editor. It allows the user to create and edit different panel configurations (mappings), with custom shapes and sizes. ArKaos also provides an extensive library of existing LED devices that can be imported to the editor. While editing the mapping configuration, the result of the configuration can be previewed in realtime as it is sent over Artnet to the LCD panels.

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