Wybron's Nexera makes its U.S. debut at LDI. Nexera is a family of dichroic CMY color-mixing luminaires, consisting of two ellipsoidals and a fresnel-based washlight. Units operate like conventional theatrical fixtures, but with the addition of Wybron's CMY dichroic color-mixing technology. Fixtures come with 575W compact tungsten sources and are convection cooled and servo-driven. Wybron's CMY color-mixing module produces a wide color palette, including control over subtle theatrical colors, with seamless transitions. Each unit requires three DMX channels and is easy to patch on simple control consoles. Front gel frame dimension for the units is 6.5in. (Colorado Springs, Colo.; (719) 548-9774;


MiPIX: Barco's intelligent, modular LED pixel block measures just 1.6'×1.6' and weighs less than a pound. It's small enough to be used to create a host of intelligent lighting effects on large-scale backdrops of any shape or size. The blocks can be spaced apart at varying distances, making them cost-effective for larger applications. Each block has a resolution of 20mm, and is being sold as part of a system comprising 128 pixel blocks and a control unit. Each block features four SMD LEDs with brightness of 1,200 NIT. (Kennesaw, Ga.; (770) 218-3200;


Catalyst DL1:

High End Systems recently debuted a new version of Catalyst, which incorporates moving light technology with a digital video engine, including both lighting and video communication protocols (VGA, RGBHV, and S-Video inputs, and DMX for lighting). The DL1 enhances original Catalyst technology by housing the digital engine in a package that looks and feels like a moving light and acts like a moving projector. The DL1 can be controlled by any DMX512 console, with imagery coming from the Catalyst Media Server. High End was slated to debut the updated Catalyst Media Server in October. (Austin, Texas; (512) 836-2242;


PA12, PA20, and PA28:

Allen & Heath introduced the PA20 and PA28 live stereo mixers at NSCA, and was set to debut the PA12 version at AES. All three mixers are unpowered versions of the company's PA-CP models. The PA12 has eight mono and two stereo channels, the PA20 has 16 mono plus two dual stereo channels, and the PA28 has 24 mono and the same stereo configuration. The series features a new padless preamp, internal and editable digital effects, SPDIF output, parametric output EQ, main output with 100mm fader, mute switch, and LED on TRS jacks, plus a mono sum output with level control. (Agoura Hills, Calif.; (800) 431-2609;



Panasonic offers this new XGA LCD projector with high brightness of 3,200 ANSI lumens and a 500:1 contrast ratio. The projector weighs 12.8lbs., is just under 12in. wide, and just over 5in. tall. It incorporates three TFT Active Matrix Polysilicon LCD panels and a 280W UHM lamp. The unit delivers bright images and colors in true 1024×768 XGA/maximum UXGA resolution, with 90% image uniformity. The projector also comes with one-touch audio setup, a lens with powered zoom/focus adjustment, and a large-diameter, extra-short throw lens for up-close presentations. (Secaucus, NJ; 800-528-8601;


Versa TILE:

Video-controlled LED tiles from Element Labs offer wide color range, including colors not traditionally associated with LED, like chocolate, gray, and flesh tones. Placed together, they can be used in arrays of any size or shape. The tiles have an ultra-wide viewing angle, and are thinner and less expensive than traditional video walls. The tiles can be controlled by PC or Mac systems, and content can be created with standard graphics programs. Versa TILE is available in 1.6'×1.6' (25 tiles) rental and staging configurations. Brightness of each tile is 350 NIT, pitch is 100mm, and each tile weighs 25lbs. (Austin, Texas; (512) 491-9111;



This suspendable device creates a thin fog surface for image projection, like a conventional screen. The fog comes from ordinary water, and dissolves in seconds. Current versions create screens 5.9ft. wide and 4.2ft. tall, and work with standard water and electricity connections. Basic components include a laminar, non-turbulent airflow device that creates a fog mist out of the water using ultrasonic waves, pushing fog into a controlled, downward airflow. FogScreen works with most standard rear- and front-projection devices. Projectors of at least 3,000 ANSI lumen are recommended, with a distance of no more than 16 1/2ft. between projector and screen. (Tampere, Finland; (358) 3-31153843;