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Additional new products being shown at LDI will be featured in the October issue of Live Design as well as in the LDI Show Daily at For booth information, please see the LDI Show Directory.


Vista I3 from Jands

Vista I3 is a mid-range lighting console that provides all the features of the full-size T4/T2 consoles in a smaller, more economical package. Featuring the software, processor, and control elements of the standalone consoles, users can connect a pen-tablet, touchscreen, or standard monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the console, and it becomes a fully operational Vista.

Color Span from AC Lighting

Color Span is a configurable low profile, ultra-bright LED cove lighting and wall wash system with options for IP rating, body length, body color, LED colors, and optics. The unit is available for indoor (IP20) or outdoor (IP67) applications; at 400mm/16", 800mm/32", or 1,200mm/48" lengths; and in 10 colors, including stock black, white, or silver. LED colors can also be specified from RGBA, single-color red, green, blue, amber, cool white, warm white, or any combination. Users can also choose from narrow, medium, or wide beam angle optics. Output is 1,500 lumens at 4', and it can wash a 72'-long wall from a single wall outlet. The single LED cell features 16 (400mm length), 32 (800mm), or 48 (1200mm) separate LEDs arranged as sets of four-channel control circuits in a linear batten formation, with a choice of power supplies for up to six or 18 full-length fixtures. Connection to the power supply is via RJ45/EtherCon, with a choice of DMX or standalone control modes. The power supply's built in variable effects engine provides a range of 99 preprogrammed looks and parameters, including scroll, grouping, speed, and fade. In addition, strobing and other chase effects are possible when connecting multiple units. The fixture has a smooth, linear dimming curve. In optional four-channel RGBA configuration, the unit automatically blends the amber. The Color Span comes with an angle bracket for wall, ceiling, or floor mounting in a variety of permanent installations.

Series 720 Broadway Cyc from Times Square Lighting

The Broadway Cyc is a lightweight, rugged fixture designed with an asymmetrical reflector to provide a bright and even wash of light for cycloramas and backdrops. Rated for 1,500W, the unit features adjustable lamp holders that accept lamps of three different lengths. A joiner bracket allows the luminaire to be converted into multiple-cell units. This fixture is available with a variety of yokes and other hanging hardware to accommodate various overhead and ground row mounting configurations.

Alpha Beam 1500 from Clay Paky

Alpha Beam 1500 is a new 1,500W moving light that produces a concentrated parallel light beam with new graphics, color, and movement features. Because of a new optical group, it produces similar output and distance to luminaires of thousands of watts, according to the company. Features include an extensive effects section, 14 gobos (six rotating, eight fixed), patent-pending focusing, two rotating prisms, rotating beam shaper, mechanical iris, CMY color mixing plus color wheel, dimmer plus precision dimmer on separate channels, three combinable linear frosts on dedicated channels, and stop/strobe effect.

Sun Wash RGB And AW from Irradiant

Sun Wash is a wash light comprising 24 1W red, 18 3W green, and seven 3W blue LEDs, with five program cues, each able to contain up to 10 scenes with 36 timed events that can be set to any desired clock time. The unit also has a built-in thermal sensor to enable operations below 60°C. Operation is via eight-channels of DMX, in standalone mode, or via the built in one time/scene selection system. Total output power is at 91W. Another new model, Sun Wash AW is an amber white version with 42 white and seven amber 3W LEDs, with a total power output of 147W.

BlackBox Beta from Cast Software

BlackBox (final name TBA) is combined hardware and proprietary software designed to act as an all-in-one, bi-directional high-speed communications nerve center that enables all control devices to send or receive commands to each other, including lighting, media, sound, motion, cameras, staging, and performers. Live, realtime input in all forms is received by the unit, which runs an ultra high-speed hybrid version of WYSIWYG that works with a special new file version that is under development. The system receives and converts live positional data about any or many moving objects (selected or deselected for tracking, as required, from one or several sources), establishes the exact 3D positions of those objects, computes instructions in XYZ, yaw, pitch, and roll terms, and then delivers moving positional information to the control devices. Moving lights, set pieces, cameras, etc., therefore, can be synchronized and tracked in realtime and 3D.

DE 800 HMI from Kobold

The DW 800 IP54-rated production HMI system has been adapted for event applications and launched as the DE 800 system. It can now be configured as a multiple rackmount or standalone yoke mounted system. The HMI luminaire has an output of 2,000W tungsten and draws 8.9A at 110V, creating a high output daylight source. The fixture can be configured as a PAR, utilizing five lenses to shape the light beam, or as an open-faced unit that uses a focusing range of 12 to 70??? to flood and spot the beam. Several different ballasts can power the system: the EWB 400-575-800 is IP43-rated and suited for outdoor events; the EBE 400-575-800 DMX and EBE 200-400-575-800 DMX electronic ballasts offer an option of DMX on/off and dimming. All ballasts have auto-selecting voltage input from 90-265VAC and 40% dimming, either by DMX or by face-mounted manual control. The system is ETL US/C-listed.

LED100 from Doug Fleenor Design

LED100 is a 100W wireless power source that supplies power and data for up to two Philips Solid-State Solutions ColorBlast LED fixtures or Altman Lighting SpectraPARs, as well as Philips Solid-State Solutions iColor Cove, and similar products. The unit also features a DMX output to drive additional devices. This power supply eliminates the need to set the DMX address of the lighting fixture by re-patching the incoming DMX. All fixtures can be left at the default address of 001. The desired DMX address is then set at the power supply. The fixture plugged into output 1 responds to the three DMX channels starting with the selected address. The fixture plugged into output 2 responds to the next three DMX channels. For users who prefer to set the DMX address at the fixture, patching may be disabled by setting the unit's address to 000. Setting it to 600 through 899 selects various standalone modes (solid colors, color fades, strobe effects, etc.). Power is supplied by two electrical vehicle batteries. The battery tray accepts two 7.2A-hour, two 12A-hour, or two 15A-hour batteries, and an internal meter displays battery voltage. Batteries are recharged by a built-in, universal four-stage charger, and the unit may also be plugged into AC power while in use. Wireless DMX control is by Wireless Solution. Typical range for the LED100 is 100m indoors to 1,000m outdoors line-of-sight.

X-Move LED from American DJ

The X-Move LED is a moving head fixture with a 20W white LED source for projecting gobos or solid colors. Drawing 44W of power, its features include a four-button LED menu system, built-in lighting programs, and three operational modes (DMX, master/slave, sound active). Pan and tilt are 540° and 270°, respectively, with a 14° beam angle. Also included are eight colors plus white, eight gobos plus spot, gobo scroll mode, gobo shake effect, shutter, 0 to 100% dimming, micro-stepping, auto X/Y repositioning, and manual focus.

aris Architectural Lighting Control from Leprecon

The aris Architectural Interface System is designed for both architectural and theatrical lighting needs. It consists of the AI-512 and optional control surfaces. Housed in 2U rackmount chassis, the AI-512 contains all necessary hardware and software to interface with and control a DMX lighting system. All DMX channels can be used for architectural or stage lighting and recalled from a number of interfaces, such as aris wall stations, DMX consoles, or aris Ethernet stations, including the 15" integrated touch computer. The software allows for energy management via astronomical clock event triggers, the creation of dynamic looks via DMX snapshots, and the ability to network the system and access it from anywhere in the world.


Pandoras Box Version 4.1 from coolux

Version 4.1 of Pandoras Box (PB) Media Server software includes the latest PB Warp Engine, video processing capability with field and frame blending, and new HD and SD de-interlacing options on the ultra-low latency HD/SD-SDI input cards. The Warp Engine is an image-shaping tool that enables quick and accurate projection of complex objects to almost any shape or surface. Output from multiple PB servers can be adjusted for realtime compositing and reproduction onto any curved or non-planar screen. Adjustment of complex shapes via Bézier curves allows parallel curves and single-point editing. Frame blending allows the speed of playback to be continuously adjusted in realtime. To process slow-motion playback, new frames are calculated in realtime to match the actual frame rate. The HD and SD field-based de-interlacing function provides maximum resolution through computing and recalculating of all available fields. All fields are recalculated and blended in realtime without losing resolution and preserving all fields and frames. All PB products now include the de-interlacing options for top-field, bottom-field, and full-field blending. Widgets add a new set of control and connection possibilities, featuring freely downloadable, application-based tools for the integration of customized interfaces. Widget Designer allows users to customize control panels, and via the PB Media Net network, multiple control panels can be implemented and accessed. Widget Designer can be used as either a controller extension or as an optional input device for multimedia applications. The new Switcher is a preset-based playback interface for live shows and events. With eight submasters, each featuring eight individual presets and a fader, as well as go buttons and programmable fade duration, the switcher allows cues and presets to be recalled at any time. It can be controlled via mouse or touchscreen and installed on any number of PC systems running Windows® XP over the PB Media Net network.

Quick-Connect CCU from Vaddio

Quick-Connect CCU is the first camera control unit for Sony Robotic PTZ cameras, enabling adjustment of iris, gain, color, and detail via knob control and allowing users to adjust each camera individually and match multiple cameras. Two scene store buttons provide the ability to save specific color-matched images, such as day/night, lighting changes, or multiple locations. Tally indicators are located on the front of each unit. The cabling system allows use of standard Cat5 cabling to run both HD and SD video, camera power, black burst sync, and camera control up to 500'. High Speed Differential Signaling (HSDS) provides high bandwidth and low loss video signal to ensure high definition quality up to 500'.

PST-12HD from Daktronics

The PST-12HD outdoor, modular LED panel is the lightest outdoor LED panel of its kind in the industry, according to Daktronics. These ultra-thin, lightweight panels feature 7,500 nits of intensity, color calibration for cross-rental, a unique pixel layout for high contrast, and 19-bit image processing. The units use a single-point structural latching method to connect quickly in the field, forming large-screen video displays of any shape or size. Due to an “eyebrow shader” positioned above each through-hole LED, true color reproduction is maintained at extreme viewing angles. In addition, “mini-shaders” have been added across the face of each module, creating a texture that reduces direct sunlight reflection. The display face also offers an anti-reflection module coating to give the appearance of a darker black. The panels use a bidirectional signal that provides redundancy at the panel level, industry standard power, and signal interconnects for reduced display downtime. The units are serviceable from the front or back.

ILite 6 BK from Barco

ILite 6 BK is a 6mm LED tile with an optimized black LED. It features a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, a calibrated brightness of 2,000 nits, 14-bit processing, and the identical form factor of all other ILite tiles while exceeding the brightness and contrast of I6 XP. All existing ILite XP accessories are fully compatible, and as with the traditional I6, creative LED arrangements and curved installations are easily configured using the Director Toolset.

Di-VentiX II from Analog Way

Di-VentiX II is a multi-layer high-resolution mixer scaler seamless switcher with universal analog and digital input/output and full high-resolution digital processing. It offers numerous live effects, including keying and moving PiP, as well as three operating modes: multi-layer mixer, standalone embedded edge-blending, and seamless native matrix. In multi-layer mixer mode, the unit uses one output as a preview and the other for the audience. The preview allows 100% viewing of what the main output will display. With full frame and logo memory, the system can display up to six layers: four live sources, one frame, and one logo. Live layers can be customized by the users with various attributes — borders, mask, movements, zoom, keying, or transparency — and screen frame can be used as a background or as a foreground mask. In embedded edge-blending mode, the unit provides a standalone screen blending horizontally or vertically. In seamless native matrix mode, an 8×2 scaled matrix provides seamless switching. The unit offers eight universal analog inputs including four with digital DVI and SDI, and it outputs digital and analog signals in SDI, DVI, and VGA (RGBHV) simultaneously with a selection of formats. Additional features include 10-bit SD/HD auto adaptive, pixel-by-pixel 3D motion compensation processing; de-interlacing; auto 3:2 and 2:2 reverse pull down circuitry and processing; TBC, frame follower, and Genlock input. A loop output is also available for chaining other devices, and an optional video output card provides SD or HDTV formats in various signals and connectors from composite video to HD SDI.


PowerLift New Models from JR Clancy

Two new models to the PowerLift motorized winch line are now available. The first is the PowerLift Variable Speed 0-20 fpm motorized winch with a load capacity of 2,000lbs. The winch was developed in response to requests from users and consultants for a motorized winch with no bounce at the start or end of a move. The second new model, the PowerLift Fixed Speed 20 fpm motorized winch, has a load capacity of 1,200lbs. Key features include a dual-brake system and optional load monitoring that stops movement in case of overload or underload. Set weight can be displayed on JR Clancy's SceneControl 500 consoles. Starters and drives are UL/ETL-listed.

Stagemaker® Hoist from R&M Materials Handling

The Stagemaker is an ergonomic solution to lift staging, theatrical, and lighting equipment. With a lifting capacity range of 1/16 to 5 tons and varied power ranges, speeds, chain sizes, and configurations, the hoist features premium-grade, AGMA-rated precision gearing for low noise level (less than 75dB). Constructed of injection-cast aluminum, the housing includes a single, removable panel that provides access to all internal components during maintenance operations. The safety of this hoist is enhanced with a combined hoist brake and load limiter. The electromagnetic disc brake-clutch combination is designed for efficiency, safety, easy access, and adjustment. The friction-type torque limiter is integrated with the brake — on models SM1, SM05, and SM10 — to ensure the load stops when the control button is released. A heat-treated load wheel with five pockets (six on SM16) is machined in a single step for minimizing chain stress. The Chainflux chain guide made of high-strength industrial polyamide is included on the SM5 and SM10 models, equipped for the inverted position. Additional standard features include Class F insulated hoisting motor and varied power supply from 208V to 230V and three-phase, 60Hz. Available configurations include direct control, single-phase, three-phase, programmable control, external control, variable speed, and BCV-C1-approved versions. Options include built-in incremental encoder, built-in load monitoring system, single hoist pistol-grip pushbutton controller (pickle control), BGV-C1 hoists, geared limit switch (two or four cams), very-low control voltage (48V), hour counter, self-locking hook, drain hole, fixed body hook, rain cover, single-phase 115V 60Hz, and microswitch limits.

8DGH Series Curtain Winch from Thern

Thern and Hall Stage North America have introduced the North American version of the Hall Stage DGH variable speed curtain winch, the 8DGH Series curtain winch. Based on the UK version by manufacturer Hall Stage Limited, this version includes standard winch features, such as a ¾hp UL motor with control, four-pole rotary limit switch, and grooved drum for up to 65' of 1/8" wire rope on a closed loop and drum guard. The winch also supports low voltage remote control options, as well as a range of customization options, including variable voltage packages, motors with brakes, handles for manual operation, and DMX control interface. Factory modification capabilities will also be available to address line speed changes and increased drum capacity to support greater travel distances when required.


FX 16ii Series Console from Soundcraft

The FX 16ii console is a 19" rackmountable mixer with a total of 26-inputs and integrated Lexicon FX processor that makes it suited to a variety of applications. It is built around the same AudioDNA® processor featured in many of the Digitech® and Lexicon outboard products, including the Lexicon MX300 processor. Other features include 32 FX settings, tap tempo, FX store settings, three-band EQ with swept mid-band, integral universal power supplies, and rugged construction. The console offers a combination of live and recording features; each channel has a direct output that is individually switchable pre- or post-fader to enable use with 16-track recording systems. Incorporating the latest PCB surface-mount technology, the unit can be optionally rackmounted into a 10U space via a dual-position connector pod that allows cables to be connected behind the rack.

Macro-Tech-i from Crown

The Macro-Tech-i family of analog amplifiers features an increase in power over the original line, while reducing weight by more than half. The three models — the MA-5000i, MA-9000i, and MA-12000i — are equipped with comprehensive status, fault, and load monitoring via standard Ethernet networking and Harman Pro's HiQnet and System Architect software. A universal power-factor corrected power supply ensures that the new models can be used anywhere in the world. The MA-5000i features 1,800W of power per channel at 2 ohms (with 2565W 20mS burst), 2,000W at 4 ohms, 1,250W at 8 ohms, 3,600W at 4 ohms bridged, and 4,000W at 8 ohms bridged. The MA-9000i has 2,500W of power per channel at 2 ohms (with 4570W 20mS burst), 3,000W at 4 ohms, 1,500W at 8 ohms, 5,000W at 4 ohms bridged, and 6,000W at 8 ohms bridged. Finally, the MA-12000i features 3,500W per channel at 2 ohms (with 5900W 20mS burst), 4,000W at 4 ohms, 2,100W at 8 ohms, 7,000W at 4 ohms bridged, and 8,000W at 8 ohms bridged.

VerTec® DP Series Powered from JBL Professional

Rounding out the VerTec Series line array family are the VT4889ADP three-way, powered full-size line array element and companion VT4880ADP Ultra Long Excursion powered full-size arrayable subwoofer. Both are integrated audio systems using JBL DrivePack® (DP) technology, including an auto-sensing universal power supply and a fan-free, passive, cooling design. The three-channel DP-3 offers a full rated output power of 6,000W peak, 3,000W continuous (at load) for the VT4889ADP, and 6,900W peak, 3,500W continuous for the VT4880ADP subwoofer. The loudspeaker is fitted with two 15" low frequency transducers, four 8" midrange components, and three 1.5" neodymium compression drivers with beryllium diaphragms. Each loudspeaker delivers up to 143dB SPL maximum output (1m). The 2×18" arrayable, powered subwoofer features two 18" model 2269G ultra long-excursion low frequency transducers, each rated at 2,000W continuous, 8,000W peak, and delivers 13 dB SPL (1m). The unit is designed to be suspended in standalone arrays, coupled with VT4889ADPs in the same array, or ground-stacked. The optional networked DPCN (CobraNet-compatible) input modules allow these systems to link into Harman Professional's HiQnet system. Both the speaker and subwoofer are preconfigured with V4 DSP preset data.

WMS 4500 Wireless Microphone System from AKG

The WMS 4500 microphone system can handle multiple users and multi-channel applications, and it is available in two new frequency bands: Band 7 (500-530MHz) and Band 8 (570-600MHz). The system's components — the SR4500 receiver unit, the PT4500 emitter, and the HT4500 handheld microphone unit — offer features updated from the preceding model. The receiver unit features adjustable backlight settings, a factory reset, and improved presets. The new casing displays a stage black finish. The internal software features Auto Setup settings for inter-modulation free channel selection, Environment Scan settings for RF range scanning, and a Rehearsal Mode selection that can be used to save system data during rehearsal setup. Certain settings, such as squelch threshold, carrier frequency selection, and the listed user name, can be edited and stored. The emitter has been redesigned to be more rugged, and its major electronic components — housed in the upper portion of the unit — are now encased in metal. The bottom portion also features a new battery casing. The bodypack accepts both microphone and line-level input signals and has an adjustable input sensitivity. A lockable TA-3F mini-XLR attachment connects with a range of AKG headsets, lavalieres, instrument microphones, and instrument cables. The handheld transmitter features an improved metal casing and stage black finish. It allows for interchangeable microphone modules. The system can be integrated into a HiQnet system using the optional HUB 4000 Q.

ConvertCon® from Neutrik®

ConvertCon (NC3FM-C) is the world's first unisex 3-pin XLR connector, according to Neutrik. The male/female cable connector in a single housing is also available with black chrome housing and gold contacts (NC3FM-C-B). By sliding the housing back and forth, it converts from a male to female connector. This new cable end XLR allows for use of one connector, as it can mate with either a male or female 3-pin XLR. It also features an improved chuck type strain relief that provides high pull-out force and makes assembly convenient, and the rugged zinc die cast shell ensures a long and dependable connection.