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Check it out The Gamcheck Jr. is a compact stage pin electrical indicator for testing circuits and providing a visual confirmation of correct polarity, working ground, and, via the three neon lamps, if the circuit is powered. The unit weighs less than 5oz., and a lanyard is included for easy wearing and convenience. The tester is made with a 20A black male stage pin connector with a clear phenolic plastic cover. The circuit tester is priced at less than $25.00. GAM Products Hollywood, CA

Flash 'em American DJ has developed the City Flash strobe, a small, water-resistant, easy-to-use accessory that fits a medium-base electrical socket and can operate on 120 or 220V. It has a choice of three modes: slow flash (one flash per three seconds), fast flash (three flashes per second), and the extra-fast "police flash" (11 flashes per second, followed by two-second intervals). Colors are also available, with optional blue, green, red, and yellow covers in stock. According to the manufacturer, the City Flash sells for approximately $25.00, with the domes being offered at $10.00 each. American DJ Supply Los Angeles, CA

Getting the bends Users of backlit displays (signage and decorative) and other multiple lamp systems will benefit from using the LCD Lighting Robo-Bend hot cathode lamps. Through a new manufacturing process, a single 8mm or 9mm serpentine can be mechanically formed with multiple bends throughout its length, thereby only requiring electrical connections at either end and eliminating the need for conventional 2, 4, 6, 8, or more lamps within a single enclosure. Through the reduction of cathodes, power savings is achieved. Other benefits ofusing a single lamp with multiple bends are savings in the assembly and wiring of the enclosure, reduction in the number of lamps to change, and wider dimming ratio as compared to cold cathode lighting technology. The 8mm and 9mm hot cathode lamps feature long life, high lumen output, superior dimmability, and are available in full colors or tri-band phosphor white blends. Complete assemblies, including wiring harnesses, connectors, heaters, and reflective backplates are available. LCD Lighting Yantic, CT

Roughing it Lithonia Lighting has developed the Gateway series for architectural rough service applications and challenging environments. These ceiling- and wall-mounted fixtures are designed for areas where security and safety are of primary concern, and utilize HID or CFL lamps to provide uniform illumination and high levels of visibility, with long lamp life and high energy efficiency levels. There are numerous styles available in a variety of finishes and mounting configurations to complement different design schemes and building styles. Lithonia Lighting Conyers, GA

The next step Genius Products has developed Next, an automated scan luminaire utilizing a 150W GE Arc-Stream lamp or a 250W halogen EVC type, operating on 120V; a 220V model is also available. The moving-mirror assembly has 180-degree pan and 80-degree tilt capability and only requires six channels of DMX512 control. The Next luminaire also has a built-in microphone and internal programs for auto-movement independent of operator control. Other features include a 15-slot color wheel (pre-loaded), a 15-slot gobo wheel, a bicolor wheel with independent shutter, and an electronic dimmer for the halogen lamp. Genius Products Champlain, NY

Stop the surge As ethernet data networks become ubiquitous in facilities of all types, the need for reliability increases. The Leviton surge protective device was developed to provide transient voltage suppression for cards and devices operating on ethernet data networks. Grounding can be accomplished via two methods: a tab that facilitates connection to equipment ground frame systems, and with a low inductance braid strap, for use when mechanical mounting constraints preclude the use of the metal ground tab. According to the manufacturer, "The surge protective device offers dual redundant protection paths for transients entering into or out of the unit with automatic reset PTC fusing, and is backed by Leviton's five-year limited warranty." In addition, it provides low clamping voltages and the ability to withstand high transient current surges that may be encountered on ethernet PLC ports. RJ45 input and output connectors are used. Leviton Manufacturing Little Neck, NY

Strand expands Strand Lighting has expanded its popular SL series of tungsten-based spotlights to now include architectural instruments with metal-halide lamps: These ellipsoidals use either the Philips CDM or CDM short-arc metal-halide lamp. The short-arc version, as compared to the CDM, provides a higher lumen output. The SL19, SL26, SL36, and SL50 are now available as well as two zoom ellipsoidals, the SL15/32 and the SL23/50, both featuring smooth zooming adjustment and a large rear handle for easy positioning. All have an efficient optical path consisting of specially engineered reflectors and coated aspheric computer-designed lenses, providing for a cool beam operation with very high lumen output, the company says. The SL line also features compact body size; sharp gobo, edge, and shutter focus; internal shutters on three planes for triangular cuts; 360-degree body rotation; versatile rigging with a yoke that has two balance points; and a wide gate that accommodates a glass gobo, a rotating gobo, or two steel gobos. Color choices are white, black, and gray. Strand Lighting Rancho Dominquez, CA

A new angle Bega recessed round wall luminaires feature 3/16"-thick stainless steel faceplates with the louvers cut at a 45-degree angle. The comprehensive product group is designed for the illumination of steps, ramps, aisles, and other locations both exterior and interior. Two sizes are available, with lamp sources being either incandescent (line or low voltage) or compact fluorescent. Both 120V and 277V models are offered. The luminaire is UL-listed for wet locations, is suitable for all types of construction, and a concrete protection cover is an option for installation in poured concrete construction. BEGA/US Carpinteria, CA

Handy dandy The Duraline HLS-760 solid rubber-molded Hand-Light features a waterproof switch/socket/ body assembly that is integrally molded to a heavy-duty #16 or #14 AWG three-conductor SOW-A cable, with a factory NEMA male plug installed. Water resistance is achieved via a completely encapsulated on/off switch, and a rubber "O" ring that is molded into the socket of the lamp neck forming a seal that eliminates problems with moisture, oil, or dirt. A non-phenolic insulator and a nickel-plated copper alloy screw shell offer additional long life and reliability. The Hand-Light is manufactured with a steel reinforcing ring in the socket area that makes it crushproof. Lamp guards are available in red vinyl-coated steel or clear high-strength Lexan. Incandescent or fluorescent medium-base lamps can be used. The Hand-Light exceeds OSHA requirements and is suitable for IEC Class IP67 and NEMA Class 6 applications. Duraline, division of J.B. Nottingham Central Islip, NY

On the safe side Lamar Lighting now offers a bi-level UL-listed emergency lighting fixture that has two lamps, one that is always on and the other integrated with a motion sensor. The STM model reduces energy costs and provides illumination on demand. The motion sensor is ultrasonic, with a frequency of 32kHz, and has an unobtrusive profile. Automatic adjustments to the signal detection minimize false on activations. The device comes with internal sensitivity and dwell time adjustment switches to accommodate each location's unique installation. The battery is a 3.6V NiCad, and one lamp will last for approximately 90 minutes at 650 lumens. Lamar Lighting Farmingdale, NY

Create your own track Ardee Flexible Track is a 12V freeform track lighting system and collection of contemporary halogen-equipped fixtures. The flexible track sections are available in lengths of up to 20', which can be formed into circles, twists, and curves. Designed for mounting on ceilings, walls, and around corners, it is available in a gray or black finish, and track sections can be joined together to form continuous designs. Attachment is via pendant rods or steel cables and each track circuit can accommodate up to 300W. A variety of UL-listed transformer types are available. Fixture options include a variety of heads, some with glass rings, others with glass pendant shades, or a suspended cast aluminum cone. The fixture heads are available in different colors and sizes to offer maximum flexibility. Ardee Lighting, member of the JJI group Shelby, NC

Good for you and the environment Concern for the environment has led to the introduction of new aerosol formulations, the EcoAir line, by Cortec Corp. In addition to re-engineering chemical formulations for electronic and electrical cleaners and lubricants, the new products use compressed air as propellant. A line of ecologically friendly cleaners, known as the Bullfrog line, provides comparable performance without the use of oil-based formulations. Cortec also introduced penetrating lubricant, cutting fluid, cleaner, and rust preventive oil, all based on soybean-derivative chemicals. According to the manufacturer, these products are non-flammable, become biodegradable, and are safer to use compared to products containing mineral oil. The VCI-324 penetrating lubricant displaces water, adds an effective lubricant, and contains an anti-bacterial agent, in addition to being air-powered and being authorized by the USDA for use in food-processing facilities. Cortec Corporation St. Paul, MN

Fiber, fiber, burning bright Designers have new choices to consider when using fiber-optic illuminators. Fiberstars introduced its 701 (above), an illuminator "capable of delivering7,000 lumens through 10' of stranded or large-core fiber." Other features includ e a 400W metal-halide lamp with a CRI of 86, a rated life of 3,000 hours, an eight-slot color wheel, 1rpm or 3.6rpm effect motors, synchronization with other illuminators, variable delay or DMX control, and UL-listing for wall- or floor-mounting in damp locations. Large core or up to 600 stranded PMMA fibers can be accommodated by the illuminator.

Fiberstars' Halogen family of illuminators consists of three units that are efficient, quiet, and occupy a small footprint. The FS-9 is a 9W, low-voltage, MR-11 halogen illuminator that has greater than 95 CRI, a color temperature of 3200K, does not have a fan, and can be dimmed. The FS-12 (above, left) uses a single 100W low-voltage MR-16 lamp that has greater than 95 CRI, is dimmable, and is suitable for single-port configurations. The FS-13 (above, right) uses two 100W low-voltage MR-16 lamps, has greater than 95 CRI, is dimmable, and is suited for two-port output configurations. All are economical and are particularly suited for display case applications. Fiberstars Fremont, CA