Product News


Pandoras Box Media Server V2.0


New Software Version 2.0 for Pandoras Box media server increases the image layers in the media server range: the Red server jumps from three image layers to four; the Green server from six to eight; and the Blue server from nine to 12. The new software also upgrades performance, system security, and provides new features on all image layers.

Watchout 3


Watchout 3 is a production and presentation system for creating widescreen and multi-display shows. The new version includes a remodeled user interface with new features, making offline programming and client demos easier. The Stage window now offers high-quality preview with new settings for preview quality, masked preview mode, and previews of live video and remote computers. Displays can be rotated to any angle to create unique display arrangements. Keyframing is improved for all movements. The new rotation tween track gives precise control over rotation speed, degree, and revolutions. Other tween track features allow easier flipping and scaling of images, as well as selecting and moving multiple tween points and editing motion paths with greater accuracy.

Virtual V4 Plug-in

Livid Instruments

The Virtual V4 Element turns the Edirol V-4 video mixer into a control surface for Livid's Union real-time video performance software. Livid introduced Elements earlier this year, empowering third party developers, artists, and students to create custom plug-ins for Livid software. The Virtual V-4 Element takes advantage of the MIDI capabilities of the video mixer and turns it into a software controller. With one MIDI cable, a V-4, and a laptop, the amount of gear and cables needed for live video production is decreased, while output capabilities are doubled. The video mixer is given direct access to Union's interface. Hundreds of effects parameters can be assigned to the knobs, thousands of video files can be triggered, and live camera feeds manipulated. The plug-in is free to all existing Union users at Livid's website.

Show Designer Controller Upgrades


A new Show Link feature in the Elation software update gives users of Show Designer 1 and Show Designer 2CF DMX controllers the ability to program light shows to automatically trigger one after another. The fixture libraries are also updated. Show Designer 1 can control up to 512 DMX channels, including 16 large moving fixtures (up to 32 channels each) or 16 groups of smaller fixtures. The MIDI-compatible controller can hold up to 1,024 scenes, 512 presets, 256 chases, and 256 shows. The Show Designer 2CF features two universe outputs, allowing the unit to control a total of 1,024 DMX channels. Show Designer 2CF's built-in compact flash drive stores the controller's entire memory on one 64MB compact flash card. The update is available as a download.

Catalyst v4

High End Systems

High End Systems' new v4 software for Catalyst has enhanced onscreen programming and playback (no DMX console is needed), with more than 60 new color and 60 new visual effects resulting in a combination of 3,000 new effects. Its pixelMAD plug-in features multiple onscreen mixes, suited for both DMX LED lighting fixtures and LED walls. Additionally, v4 can be programmed with MIDI control surfaces or the timeline-based automated playback plug-in. Multiple sub mixes allow layers to be assigned independently to LED fixtures and LED wall controllers or simultaneously to projectors. The new version also features high-definition support and stand-alone features including cue list and show control. Three versions (Pro, DV, and Xpress) will be released next month. A public beta version is available for those who purchase an upgrade.

LP-X Series V4 Software

Leprecon LLC

Version 4 software for the LP-X series consoles provides a revised Moving Light Programmer screen that improves access to programming data such as labels, effects, timing, and attributes. Pan and tilt control can now be adjusted with the onboard trackball, an external mouse, or the XY pad on the touchscreen. The Run Screen for the Playback and Stack sections has enhancements like Moving Light Scene Information and Scene Preview. Other improvements include Fixture Label Import, added Softpatching functionality, and an onscreen keypad for data entry. Version 4 Software is shipping with the LP-X24 and LP-X48.

CyberHoist/InMotion 3D

XLNT Advanced Technologies

CyberHoist intelligent hoist motor system works with InMotion 3D's graphical, object-oriented programming system to move complete structures (set elements, video screens) in either two or three dimensions as a single object, with precision to +/- 0.1mm over the whole chain length. The result is smooth, quiet motor movement ideal for fixed installations in theatres, concerts, and corporate events. Multiple motor points are combined in one object so once an object has been defined, the software determines individual motor actions needed to achieve the move. The individual motors' integral CPUs (using XLNT DataMotion technology via Ethernet) feed back real-time information on position, speed, temperature, and load status to the control computer. Moves can be stored in a playlist and replayed either manually or automatically to timecode. InMotion 3D's visualization package can accept drawings imported from Vectorworks or create its own, and it has an effects engine with pre-programmed movement effects.

ShowLED Chameleon

Amelia nv

The ShowLED Chameleon is a full-color LED starcloth system for theatre, TV, concerts, and corporate events. It integrates the features of Amelia's white ShowLED starcloth, such as self-adhesive Velcro patches and an excellent dimming curve. It can be attached to a variety of materials, making it possible to install stars in costumes, floors, walls, or ceilings and easily remove them for reuse in other projects. A controller provides stand-alone functions with 10 preset chase patterns and effects memory, giving users the ability to program any desired starcloth effect. Eight output channels can control a maximum of 512 LEDs; therefore, one controller can run a starcloth of up to 328' (100m). The system is DMX compatible and can be programmed from a light board to perform multiple effects, such as color changes, twinkling effects, chases, etc. The small, hand-held controller measures 10.35"×8.3"×2.02" (263mm × 211mm × 51.4mm).

AC-150 Case

Arriba Cases

The AC-150 case protects PAR cans, tripod stands, chase controllers, and dimmer packs. Constructed of durable synthetic material with soft padding, the case measures 54"×13.25"×9" and is designed to protect the American DJ FC/56, LS-50A, and LS-100 PAR systems, as well as the American DJ Stage Act 4, Chauvet PAR 56 System and similar PAR can products. The case can hold an entire PAR can lighting system with the cans (PAR56 and smaller) still attached to the T-bar and tripod stand. The side pockets can safely accommodate chase controllers and dimmer packs. The cases can be stacked without having to be boxed.



The Q-Series is a new range of intelligent fixtures designed primarily for nightclubs and DJs. The first products include four moving yoke spot fixtures, one moving yoke wash fixture, and four scanners. The series features a consistent design and library of gobos and colors, which allows users to mix and match units across the line and maintain a consistent look. All products in the series feature a dimmer/shutter/strobe channel, speed control of pan and tilt, bi-directional color scroll, reset via DMX, and efficient fan cooling. Scanners Q-Scan and Q-Roll feature gobos and 150W or 250W lamps. Q-Wash and Q-Spot yokes come with 150W, 250W, or 575W lamps. The Q-Spots feature smooth vector movement, interchangeable rotating gobos, automatic pan/tilt correction, and 16-bit movement resolution.

Kiss-Box Show Control


The Kiss-Box line of data communication products delivers flexibility for Ethernet installations and simplifies data network management. It provides the hardware to transport any data signal needed to every part of an Ethernet network and can use MIDI, DMX, RS232, RS422, RS485, infrared remote, I/O (analog, digital, etc.), and timecode over a single Ethernet network. It has a high-speed embedded processor. A typical system consists of one or more Kiss-Boxes, a network, and PC-running control software. The control software can be any type of existing third-party IP-based software. The box can work with any TCP or UDP/IP-based protocol (ArtNet, ETC Net, ACN, NetMidi), or third-party software can communicate with it. When used in peer-to-peer mode, it provides a solution for pipelining protocols like Midi or DMX over an Ethernet network.

Rx-Cat 1500/500 CAT5 Receivers

Knox Video Technologies

The Rx-Cat 1500 UTP receiver has been engineered to deliver high-resolution video over CAT5 cable, up to 1,500' without degradation, at a resolution of 1600×1200 at 60Hz. Even at this distance, it is virtually impossible to differentiate between the remote and local display. The receiver provides continuously variable EQ and optional skew compensation of up to 32ns in 1ns precision increments. The supported video signals include: RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, Y/C, and Composite. Engineered to the same specifications as the Rx-Cat 1500, the 500 delivers high resolution, full motion, QXGA (1920×1440) video up to 500' using continuous EQ for optimized image quality with built-in skew compensation of 10ns of delay for RGB. An optional second port can link to other receivers to distribute video to multiple displays from a single Tx-Cat transmitter.

LCRP Series Lighting Control Relay Panels

LynTec Inc.

LynTec, which specializes in remote controlled, sequencing power systems for the installed sound industry, now offers a relay panel with individual DMX control for non-dimmed lighting and related devices. The LCRP series lighting control relay panels consist of 20A, RR7 latching power relays, which are individually DMX-addressable. Using the relay panels, a DMX command can be set for each circuit (on, off, delayed off). The panels are available in four, eight, or 10 circuits, 120V, or 277V. The relay panels also feature controlled all on and all off test functions, sequenced on, and a single command for resetting an unresponsive luminaire. Mount the LCRP next to a circuit breaker panel to control AC powerlines. Reliable GE RR7P3 latching relays snap in and have low-voltage plug-in connectors. Cabinet and components connected to high voltage are UL listed.

Water Screen

Prina LLC

The Prina Water Screen displays rear-projected images, video, gobos, etc. on its film-like screen of water. Users simply fill the pool at the base of the module, and the system of pressurized recirculation pumps hundreds of lines of water at a constant rate forming the 7'×10' screen. The self-portable system includes a pool with pump, one-sided stand, and hose. The aluminum one-sided stand eliminates the need for rig or truss support; therefore, the whole system can be set up in one hour. The stand also allows for multiple screens to be linked together forming various size screens with no interruption in image from one module to the next. The water screen can project images from a variety of sources: laser, video projector, or a lighting fixture with gobos. This design is suited for use in corporate and special events and exhibitions, and it can be used indoors or outdoors.

Pro-Chroma Cloth Adhesive Tapes


Pro-Chroma Cloth is used for invisible seaming of chroma-colored back drops and cloths. With a polyester cloth backing and an acrylic adhesive, its high-adhesion adhesive system sticks to a variety of materials. Pro-Chroma Cloth provides a thin tape line that does not have to be edited out. It can key out objects made of different materials. It conforms to irregular shapes and surfaces. Unlike other chroma products, there is no drying time — just stick and shoot.