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Martin marches on Technical innovation and the latest in engineering design are common in the multitude of new products being showcased by Martin Professional. The extensive and well organized (and quick to download, too!) website,, provides complete specifications and details. A few of these new products are featured below.

Essential for seeing the light, Martin's new Club Smoke system (below) is a two-headed smoke package (a third smoke head may be added), with ground-based fluid supply. The system is designed for permanent installation, with a wall-mounted Club Smoke Service module that can house a ten-liter fluid supply, and can be installed up to 300' (100m) away from the smoke heads. Among the features are total DMX control, an electronic fluid sensing system, and a lightweight compact design that permits wall, ceiling, or floor installation.

Martin now offers lighting designers two versions of the MAC 250 automated luminaire: the MAC 250 and the MAC 250Plus (above). According to Martin, the Plus version has been optimized for those applications where gobos are used extensively. The achromatic lens provides sharper image quality, useful when projecting gobos for promotional and corporate event applications. Features of the MAC 250Plus include a 12-slot color wheel with 12 saturated dichroic colors (with split color possibilities), indexable gobos, eight easily replaceable rotating gobos, a fast three-facet rotating prism, variable focus, strobe effects, 0-100% dimming, MSD 250W lamp, and accurate 16-bit movement.

Sporting a new design and a full range of features, Martin's MX-1 automated luminaire (right) is a fully DMX512-controllable moving-mirror fixture with 230 degrees pan, 0-100% digital dimming, and a combined color/gobo wheel with 18 gobos, 10 colors/3 split colors plus fivewhite.

For those seeking to add fiber to their light shows, the FiberSource QFX 150 is a fully DMX-controllable illuminator containing a nine-interchangeable-color wheel and a smooth, full-range mechanical dimmer. Other features include a shutter and variable strobe on the dimmer wheel. An optional kit is also available which changes the dimmer functionality to a twinkle wheel, for use with star ceilings and star curtain set pieces.

Martin's moving-yoke luminaire designed for outdoor usage, the Exterior 600, is now available in a smaller version, the Exterior 600 Compact (below). In addition to being shorter, the new version weighs significantly less, especially in comparison to similar units manufactured by others. Full CMY color-mixing is standard, and a convection cooling system is utilized. Martin has developed other features well suited to exterior applications, such as internal programming capability with time sensor and real-time clock, remote lamp on/off control, and manually selectable beam angles of 22 degrees, 38 degrees, and 65 degrees for extra flexibility and increased range of motion. Like its predecessor, both the Exterior 600 and the 600 Compact have a weather rating of IP 65, and will operate in severe weather conditions. Martin Professional Hollywood, FL Arhus, Denmark

Colorful power Power distribution systems utilizing single-pole Cam-Lok(R)-type connectors are more flexible with the new and improved Cooper Crouse-Hinds "J" power Three-Fer Tapping Tee and the Male-to-Male Adapter. The Three-Fer Tapping Tee features two 45-degree and one straight output legs to facilitate easy mating with connectors. The input leg is slightly longer to facilitate connections to power distro boxes and other devices. The Tee is available in either male or female input with female or male outputs. The Male-to-Male Adapter enhances flexibility by allowing for in-line connections between female Cam-Lok connectors.

All the devices have a maximum rating of 600V and 400A. They feature color-coded insulators to provide for fast and easy phase identification. Each device is UL-listed, CSA-certified, NEMA 3R- and 4-rated, and meets applicable National Electrical Code (NEC) standards. Crouse-Hinds La Grange, NC

Smooth waves Kino Flo's 1,800W Portable Inverter System provides a stable sine wave AC-type current for all types of electronic-based lighting and other specially constructed equipment when normal utility-supplied power is not available. The system consists of the 1,800W sine wave inverter, 40A charger, and 194 amp-hour battery. All devices are contained in a transportable enclosure with handle and wheels, providing a reliable and mobile system for converting 12VDC power into 100-230VAC power for on-location lighting. Features include: a high-surge capability of five seconds at 2,900W, an AC feed-thru capability for passing AC to the inverter for pre-lighting applications, a battery that is sealed lead acid gel and approved for air transport. The battery can be charged to 75% in two hours and 20 minutes, and three batteries can be cycled for an uninterrupted supply of power. The portable power system can be used for all types of HMI, fluorescent, or other lighting equipment, including Kino Flo lighting products. KINO FLO Sun Valley, CA

Light my fire The state of California-approved GAM Torch from GAM Products creates and sustains an actual flame that can be handheld. The solid steel housing weighs less than 3lb and produces a 16"-high flame. Based on a design by Jeff Kleeman of the Los Angeles Opera, the GAM Torch operates on special fuel pellets that provide for approximately 15 minutes of flame before refueling. Safety experts will be satisfied, since the GAM Torch incorporates a shut-off mechanism: Should the torch be dropped, put down, or released by the actor, the flame is totally enclosed and extinguished within one second, according to the manufacturer. The fuel pellets are non-explosive, easy to store, and have an almost indefinite shelf life. A demonstration video can be viewed on the GAM Products website, PRODUCTSHollywood, CACooking with gobosGAM's new reci pe book presents dozens of effects that can be achieved with gobos and gel. It is designed to accommodate a myriad of venues and different tastes (and budgets) of lighting designers. The cookbook is logically organized with two tables of contents. The first is by effect desired, grouped by subject with many illustrated in color on the book's cover. The second comprehensive listing is based on equipment, e.g. ellipsoidal, TwinSpin(R), Scene Machine(R), Flickermaster(R), or Spin/fx(R), and within the category is a listing of effects. Each desired effect has a separate and complete "recipe" with the appropriate gobos listed by name and description, as well as suggested gel (with numbers) and optional patterns to consider; reminders such as "very soft focus" are included. All types of effects are included and there is a wide variety that can be achieved using as little as one ellipsoidal. The recipe book is available free to Lighting Dimensions readers. GAM PRODUCTS Hollywood, CA

Reel them in Complementing an already extensive line of winches in various size and weight categories, the new line of Jeamar Stainless Steel hand winches is corrosion resistant and suitable for usage in high moisture environments. Automatic braking is standard and also prevents recoil. According to Jeamar, the leading-edge design has substantially increased efficiency and reduced the cranking effort often associated with hand winches. Sizing and rated load capacities and the features of all of its winch product lines are available in a detailed catalog. Jeamar Winches Buffalo, NY

Wet and working The Leviton Wetguard(R) line of electrical wiring devices is designed for all locations where exposure to water is a consideration. Wetguard devices are manufactured in 15, 20, and 30A, 125VAC through 347/600VAC 3-phase configurations. The line features a body manufactured from EPTR "rubber" plastic that resists fluids and many oils/solvents and has excellent UV stability. The snap-together tongue-and-groove connections seal out fluids, moisture, and contaminants. The metal parts have nickel plating for corrosion resistance and the modules include brass triple-wipe one-piece contacts for maximum conductivity; 18-3 SO to 8-5 STO cords can be accommodated and a proprietary strain relief system adds additional protection. All devices are UL-listed and CSA-certified for the environmental ratings of NEMA type 4, 4x, 6, and 6P in accordance with the enclosure ratings of UL50 and CSA Spec 94. Leviton Manufacturing Little Neck, NY

Chain reaction Germany's ChainMaster has engineered a full line of chain hoists with many specialized features. The company's 60Hz-compatible hoists allow for a continuously adjustable speed that offers the exact speed required for different applications in theatre, touring, opera, or television studio work. Proprietary Jam-Free Technology avoids chain knots, jams, or damaged chains by insuring smooth and continuous operation. ChainMaster rigging lifts with contactor controls are now compatible with motors and controllers from other known manufacturers. The company's Control Program software has been updated to improve its display capability by incorporating a graphic mode. The program remains MS-DOS-based to avoid performance losses that may develop with graphical user interfaces. The new upgrade allows for a view of up to 40 hoists with regard to their position and status of their loads simultaneously. ChainMaster has many different models available, all with detailed specifications as to load rating, hoist speed, and so on. Chainmaster Ellenburg, Germany

Easy projections The Lighting Services BP75 series of effects projectors features a drop-in cartridge allowing for any combination of two gobos, glass or metal, to be focused and aligned for bright, crisp images. The lens barrel can be changed from narrow-angle zoom (15-25 degrees) to wide-angle zoom (25-40 degrees) without the use of hand tools. The energy-efficient and cool-running 12V MR-16 70W lampcan be changed without the use of tools and without disturbing the horizontal and vertical positioning or focus of the luminaire. The BP75 is UL-listed, available with a complete range of fittings and accessories, and in a choice of black, white, silver, graphite, and platinum finishes. Lighting Services Stony Point, NY

String those lights Duraline's Heavy-Duty Lighting Streamer provides long-lasting festoon-style lighting for exterior and indoor applications. The sockets are spaced at 10' intervals with a 5' lead and tail, are ruggedly constructed and integrally molded in solid Hypalon rubber to a heavy-duty SOW-A cable. A rubber O-ring forms a watertight seal around the neck of each A-lamp, eliminating problems from moisture or water seepage. Optional guards are available for the socket assemblies in clear Lexan or red vinyl coated steel. The Lighting Streamers come ready to hang and install and are customizable to any length. Another feature of this "industrial quality" system is factory-installed NEMA male and female plugs, and the allowance for either incandescent or fluorescent-type lamps (100W max.) to be used. Duraline Central Islip, NY

When gobos are not enough Sometimes an actual photo image rather than an abstract gobo is required for a particular effect. The American DJ Multi-Slide Projector allows for the projection of slides (any 35mm standard photographic-type image) from a portable luminaire that is designed for mobile and stage usage. The complete system weighs only 3lb, and includes a tripod support. The fixture utilizes a 2,000-hour MR-16 12V 38-degree EXN lamp that provides a bright, focused beam and cool operation. In addition, the complete system is designed for easy and fast set-up, operates on 120V, and is affordably priced. American DJ Supply Los Angeles, CA

Stop the surge Surge-X SXN-220 is an in-panel-type electrical surge suppressor and power conditioner designed to provide protection for dedicated lines, and operates on a 220V split-phase supply power. It is housed in a 16"x12"x4" magnetically shielded steel NEMA-type enclosure and meets code requirements for plenum installation. The SXN-220 is 20A load capable and has two surge suppression modules, one for each 110V leg. There are two self-test circuits with external visual indicators. It is capable of stopping multiple surges of up to 6,000V and unlimited surge current, without producing ground (line) contamination. New Frontier Electronics New Hope, PA

Drive it your way Many users of power devices and the Robertson type head screw will appreciate the new Marinco electrical wiring devices that utilizes a combination Robertson-head-type/flat blade-type screw on many commonly used electrical wiring components. Wiring devices are available on connectors and plugs in the all-black (theatre grade) family of 15 and 20A straight blade, and 20 and 30A NEMA locking devices. For conventional 15 and 20A straight blade, the Robertson option is available in connector, plug, flanged inlet, flanged outlet, and dust resistant inlet devices. Robertson-type fasteners, already widely used in Canada, feature a bit design that is multi-sided and less likely to "slip" or cause rounding of the fastener, than with slot or Phillips type heads. The Marinco devices use the #1 size Robertson driver on all devices and can be order by adding the suffix ".CN" to a part number. Marinco Specialty Devices Napa, CA

LEDs LEDs are being offered to distributors and OEMs by LEDtronics, in a variety of shapes and sizes for direct replacement of conventional incandescent lamps. An extensive line of RPLH Series Panel LED Pilot Lamps and Holders are available in a variety of socket configurations and in white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and white. The DecorLED is designed as a direct replacement for incandescent lamps in the 15 or 20W sizes and according to the manufacturer will be offered in these colors, super red, ultra orange, amber, blue, pure yellow, blue/green, and cool white. Currently, the Decorled line is available in a standard A19 lamp size, with a 25mm screw-in Edison base. Available options include a variety of standard size bases, different voltage values, special color mixes, and frosted/tinted type bulbs. Complete specifications and model numbers are available from the manufacturer, in catalog form or at the website, Ledtronics Torrance, CA