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PaintCan 2.0

Elektralite/Group One

PaintCan 2.0 offers a new set of designer-selected super saturated dichroic filters to compliment the full CMY mixing that is on board from the original version. The eight-channel DMX fixture features reduced noise levels due to an intelligent fan system that operates in response to internal temperature, a GLA or GLC 3,200K lamp with integral full electronic dimmer, new transformer and circuitry, and ETL Certification. The color wheel features one rotating bidirectional wheel with removable and interchangeable color filters, and effects include strobe, shutter, and eight additional internal programs. The beam output is 20° to 40° with full electronic zoom. The lamp base can be adapted to accept an HPL lamp. The unit can run in standalone, master/slave, or sound activation mode. Up to 48 cues can be programmed onto the internal flash memory with or without a controller, and cues can be recalled without a controller. DMX connection is via 5-pin male and female XLR connectors. The unit is available with black or white finish, and accessories include a barn door and fiber-optic harness plate.


Martin Professional

The Extube Series from Martin Professional is a modular system of IP65-rated linear LED luminaires. With RGB+W color mixing, a choice of opaque lenses, and easy installation, the fixture suited to a variety of applications that include floodlighting, wall-grazing, cove lighting, or creating continuous lines of decorative color, inside or out. Available in two lengths — 1' with 12 LEDs and 4' with 48 LEDs — the unit also comes with a choice of narrow, medium, and wide diffuser options, but it can also be used without a diffuser. The standard spread angle is narrow for long throws, and the module is tiltable for precise optical aiming. If ambient temperatures are too high, output from the LEDs is automatically decreased. Each pixel board has been measured and calibrated for guaranteed standardized brightness and color. HSI (Hue, Saturation, Intensity) lets users scroll through hues, altering saturation and changing intensity. HSI-C adds color temperature control. The long version can be controlled either as four single pixels or as one pixel. Both versions are 0 to 100% dimmable, and the unit's click-together system slides onto standard DIN rail, with cable-less loop-through of data and power. The luminaire is convection-cooled, comes with a switch mode power supply for worldwide compatibility, and is CE-, ETL-, and CETL-approved.

Tri-Color LED Range

American DJ

Four new club/DJ/band effects from American DJ feature Tri-Color LED Technology that enables LED effects in a rainbow of different colors. Each lamp is a 3-in-1 lamp, containing three different color 1W LEDs, one each red, green, and blue, and RGB color mixing can be done within each lamp, allowing individual beams to be created in a whole spectrum of colors. Each model is powered by one 3W Tri-Color LED source that can create beams in seven colors: purple, yellow, cyan, red, green, blue, and white. The first new fixture, Tri Pearl LED, is a three-channel DMX moonflower effect. Tri Phase is a four-channel DMX moonflower effect with five hexagonal-shaped lenses that produce 57 beams in the same seven colors and a 65° beam angle. Sunray Tri LED DMX is a rotating spherical effect with three DMX channels that acts like a mirrorball with 34 beams from one source in seven colors and a 138° beam angle. Finally, Saturn Tri LED System is a light show in a box, including four four-channel DMX Saturn Tri LED fixtures, a universal UC-3 controller, and three 3-pin XLR linking cables. Each unit has six lenses that produce eight beams, and the system includes fast-to-slow strobe and 0 to 100% electronic dimming. All models are rated at 50,000 hours of lamp life.

Jester TL

Zero 88/A.C.T Lighting

Jester TL is a theatrical version of the company's Jester range of consoles. It offers control of up to 120 dimmer channels from a numeric keypad using standard industry syntax. As with other versions of the console, this one features a cue stack for the playback of memories in a traditional theatrical manner, also supporting submaster playback via DMX-in. A monitor port is standard, as is USB storage and easy patching. Control of up to 30 moving lights is achieved using palettes, effects engines, and a full fixture library.

Pocket Console® DMX RC4


Now, utilizing field-tested RC4 DMX technology, The Pocket Console® is offered in a wireless version adding a RC4-DMXio transmitter. The unit functions as a remote-control dimmer board, wireless circuit check device, redundant dimmer check, wireless DMX effects trigger, or a roaming Wholehog 2 as a wireless eight-submaster wing. Operating in the 2.4GHz ISM band, the unit's indoor range is up to 300', with a typical range of 200'. Outdoor line-of-sight range is up to one mile, and transmitter power output is up to 100mW (20dBm) EIRP, with a receiver sensitivity of -100dBm. The unit runs on a 9V lithium battery, providing a minimum life of eight hours.

ChromaInGround 50 And ChromaLink

Pulsar/Group One

Two new LED units from Pulsar feature TriColor Technology: ChromaInGround 50 and ChromaLink. ChromaInGround 50 features 15 TriColor devices, each containing three LEDs, one each red, green, and blue. This unit eliminates multicolored shadows and generates color mixing directly from within the fixture. With IP65 rating, 316 marine-grade brushed stainless steel or anodized aluminum with a 0.4" toughened glass, the unit is highly damage-resistant. It is available in five beam angles and also features the ability to angle the light beam +/-10%. A ground mount is supplied to facilitate fixing in poured floors or walls. The second unit, ChromaLink, is suited to OEM applications. It features six TriColor devices, each with three LEDs. Units can be linked using their WAGO Cage Clamp connectors and ChromaFlexLite cable. Up to 10 may be linked to one ChromaZone (17W) output or up to 30 to a ChromaZoneX3 (50W) output.

Spectra Cyc

Altman Stage Lighting

The Spectra Cyc is a 100W cyclorama/wall wash luminaire utilizing 3W Luxeon Rebel LEDs in red, green, blue, and amber, and designed for theatrical and architectural applications. Blending colors via a patent-pending LED lens that reduces pixilation from direct view, the unit features an onboard power supply, eliminating the need for separate power supplies, and power can be daisy chained through 10 units. Designed for use on 4' to 6' centers, individual units can be linked side by side for greater saturation of light. The fixture is compatible with both DMX and RDM protocols and comes with a library of preprogrammed single colors and various color mixes.

Disco DMX Lighting Control


Disco is a hardware and software combined control interface designed for club, lounge, and DJ lighting. The interface is designed with a built-in wizard system for a step-by-step process of creating looks, with the philosophy of building one look at a time and then mixing them together. Up to 24 universes can be programmed either using the wizard or without it. Hardware is a rackmountable USB-to-DMX opto-isolated interface with a built-in four-way DMX splitter. Additional features for programming include unlimited pages of buttons for triggering still looks, sequences, multiple buttons, and timelines; unlimited buttons on each page; LED macros; shape generator; palettes presets; multiple views; and direct fader control with virtual wheels. Playback features include stacking and grouping of buttons; audio input or tap sync for each button; auto pilot mode; keyboard shortcuts; independent strobe control; fog/haze control; adjustable refresh rate; and live control override.

WARP Motorized And Daylight

ADB Lighting

ADB Lighting introduces new fixtures to the North American market. The WARP Motorized high-efficiency light output matches that of a standard 1,200W profile spotlight, but it consumes 750W and features precision optics, patented beam shaping, accurate repeatability, and silent fanless operation. The WARP Daylight 575W delivers 2,500W of output, consuming 575W. Features include optimum color temperature and patented 360° ring control that allows shutters, focus, and beam to be set quickly and accurately.

Infinity Wash S And Spot S

Coemar/Inner Circle Distribution

Coemar's slew of new products includes the Infinity Wash S and Spot S, both CMY color mixing luminaires with five colors plus open; silent operation; CTO filter; dimmer; mechanical and electronic strobe; synchronized, random pulse effect; and pan of 540° and tilt of 284°. The wash unit emits light brighter than a 575W fixture, with the same patented beam effects as the Infinity Wash XL, a zoom range of 6° to 36 °, a beam shaper, and a moon flower effect. The spot unit features one aerial wheel, one gobo wheel with seven gobos and open, as well as one break-up wheel. It has a zoom of 7° to 36°, as well as an iris and 575W output. Both units also feature a Philips MSR Gold 300/2 FastFit lamp, a color temperature of 8,000K, a color rendering index of 75, an average lamp life of 750 hours, and an electronic ballast with power factor correction.

Wysiwyg Release 22/23

Cast Lighting

Release 22 of Wysiwyg earlier this year was the first of a two-phase update culminating in release 23, which just began beta testing. R22's ground-up build includes a new realtime efficient engine, advancements that produce softer beams with more depth, texture, and color mixing, and that can flare. Animated 3D smoke enhances the environment and highlights gobo projection, showing the breakups in the beams. R23's advancements include new visualization features that deliver the real quality of light in realtime; variable focus for beams, gobos, video, etc. at any distance; beams that produce realtime shadows when moving across objects; hot spots; and video content displayed in beams, enabling users to model digital media fixtures and see the output in realtime. This version also introduces a fixture point-of-view picture window that gives an accurate reference point, via soft or hard copy, of the focused light, including shutter cuts. R22 and R23 are free to current Wysiwyg members.

V676 Console


The V676 console features eight touchscreen monitors, including five monitors built into the low-profile face panel. In addition, three external monitors on moveable arms attached to the console can be positioned in any direction and can shift in orientation from landscape to portrait. Super Palettes provide a graphical interface for color, template, preset, macro, snapshot, and timing selection, streamlining information display and manipulation into cohesive and related elements and giving programmers a way to select, record, and edit parameter and system functions. Top level access to programming and playback features includes palette and preset functions, and submaster behaviors let users work quickly. Six encoders plus full time pan, tilt, and intensity control provide top level control to manual parameters and give programmers immediate access to many functions. The console is also designed for programming large numbers of control channels, such as those found in media servers.

MSR Gold 1500 FastFit


Philips' MSR Gold 1500 FastFit is a new high-wattage lamp with an arc gap of 5.5mm and an efficiency of 82 lm/W. It also features a high color temperature of 6,000K, a CRI of 80, and a flexible power range, dimmable up to 800W. FastFit lamps are found in more than 20 fixtures across 10 lamp types.

VL3500 Wash FX


The VL3500 Wash FX luminaire is the newest member of the Series 3000 family of luminaires, featuring an output that exceeds 50,000 lumens, as well as new options for color and beam control. The fixture features internal zoomable beam optics with either Fresnel or Buxom options, an interchangeable front lens system, and a four-position plus open rotating effects pattern wheel. Additional features include CYM color mixing, variable CTO color temperature correction, dual five-position color wheels, a separate dimmer, and an independent dual-blade strobe mechanism. In conjunction with the zoomable optics system, this fixture marks the introduction of the Vari-Brite mode that can be engaged from almost any zoom position for a tight column of intense light. Users can operate its single lamp at two wattages, 1,200W or 1,500W, via either a control channel setting or the lamp menu option. An upper enclosure houses the control electronics, as well as an arc power supply for the unit's short arc lamp. The arc power supply is power factor-corrected.

Colordash PAR


Colordash PAR is a 3-, 4-, or 9-channel DMX LED wash light with ID addressing that is compatible with all Colorado series fixtures. The unit can be used in applications that require a traditional PAR fixture but offers the addition of adjustable barn doors. Additional features for the production market include the ability to link power for up to 25 units and the availability of 15° (standard) and 30° lenses designed to mirror the performance of a medium flood and wide-flood lamp, respectively. For smaller night club and mobile DJ applications, features include the ability to trigger automated programs via master/slave, DMX, or the optional Color-Con controller, as well as the ability to recall custom programs in master/slave and DMX modes. An LCD display with password protection is also onboard, and a double-bracket yoke creates a functional floor stand. Custom programs can be transferred among fixtures. The unit includes 18 high-power red, green, and blue LEDs creating a beam angle of 12° (24° field angle) and an output of 7,400 lux with the standard 15° lenses. Auto-switching ranges from 100V to 240V.

SubZero And UV405 UV Projector


Powered by light passing through a patent-pending optical system, BlissLights products are designed to cast thousands of twinkling stars across any surface, and the company now has two new products: the SubZero architectural landscape model and the UV405 UV projector. The SubZero functions down to -15°F, features plug-and-play installation, and comes cased in a moisture-proof solid-brass housing that integrates into any 12V outdoor lighting system. The UV405 projector combines a laser projection system with UV-reactive surfaces to produce a star field in a variety of colors. With the UV405 and fluorescent fabrics, dyes or paints, and nearly any surface, can be used to interact with UV lighting to create a full rainbow of colored stars.

Giotto 1500


SGM's Giotto 1500 unit can be customized to be a wash, spot, profile, or digital fixture by interchanging the removable modules into which the optic functions have been divided. In the wash configuration, for example, it has two modules, CMY with linear CTO filter and dimmer, and the dedicated wash with a twin-blade beam shaper, field diaphragm, zoom lens, frost, and customizable color wheel. Once the chosen version's modules are assembled, the fixture's electronics and software identify them and automatically adapt. Three dedicated lenses are available for the fixture in wash configuration: a Fresnel lens, an anti-halo PC lens, and a super-wide lens. In spot configuration, the unit adds the functionality of two gobo wheels that can be customized, an animation wheel, and a customizable, indexable color wheel. In both spot and profile configurations, users also have focus-zoom, shutter, prisms, and additional lenses and linear frost. The digital configuration combines a DLP® chip light engine with high CRI and high-efficiency chip cooling system, and video clip library (AVI and MPEG4) and image library (BMP and JPEG) for projections. The unit comes with a MSR GOLD 1200 FastFit lamp, adjustable from 900W to 1,400W, and is also compatible with the new MRS Gold 1500 FastFit.

DMX-16 System

Elation Professional

The DMX-16 System is an expandable DMX on/off switch controller system with a 16-channel control panel, two two-channel DP-415 DMX Switch Packs, and the necessary cables to link the system together. The system allows hookup of eight DMX fixtures (four on each Switch Pack) for on/off control from the control panel. For more than eight fixtures, the system is fully expandable, supporting up to two additional Switch Packs for control of 16 DMX effects. The unit also works with any DMX dimmer/switch pack on the market. For even larger numbers of DMX fixtures, up to 32 DMX-16SW Control Panels can be linked together for control of 512 DMX channels. The unit features 3-pin XLR, DMX input, and output for linking to other control panel units and to dimmer/switch packs, and it includes 16 on/off channel switches with LED indicators, a 10-position dip switch for setting DMX address, and power failure memory. The four-channel DP-415 Dimmer/Switch Packs are equipped with dual 15A Edison sockets per channel. They have a load capacity of 5A per channel, with a 15A maximum on at one time. Each pack features a 10-position dip switch for setting DMX address, four-channel intensity LED indicators, and a reversible hanging bracket for rigging. The cabling includes a 25' DMX cable and a 10' DMX cable.

Pathport eDIN Uno

Pathway Connectivity

Pathport® eDIN is a single port, DMX node designed specifically, but not necessarily exclusively, for distributing control signals to LED installations. DMX is output via a terminal block or RJ45 connector, with the RJ45 user-selectable between the standard DMX-over-Cat5 pinout or a Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions wiring scheme. The unit is DIN-rail-mountable. Pathway also introduces the Pathport Touring Edition, a single port DMX node for DMX-over-Ethernet management in a rugged truss-mountable format designed specifically for the tour and rental markets, and configurable without a computer or a network connection.


Aqua Sermo

Aqua Reign

Aqua Sermo is a self-contained water feature using low-power electronics and fresh water that features a display of millions of tiny, illuminated droplets that cascade to form images or text. Using high-performance miniature solenoid valves, the system provides precision control over droplet size and flow. Users can achieve combinations of lighting and water pigmentations, customized droplet patterns using bitmap software, special effects using interactive displays, and pattern changes at the flick of a switch. The system includes a library of patterns, and displays can be portable or permanent. With a modular and scalable design, standard lighting options are available. An anti-bacterial solution added to water provides additional safety against growth of any fungal agents.

LED Cable Protectors


Firefly, a division of Industry Advanced Technologies, Inc., introduces the Energy Series, Satellite Series, and Industry Series of high visibility, battery-powered (500 hours) and animated LED-illuminated cable protectors. The protectors are designed to reduce accidents and potential liability, and increase pedestrian awareness. The all-weather design meets the demands of the live event, broadcast, and production industries, while offering maximum protection for electric, data, and other cables. The patented lines of protectors include the Satellite three-channel heavy duty LED cable protector, the Energy five-channel heavy duty LED cable protector, and the Industry two-channel drop-over LED cable protector.

New Fabrics And The Wall


Gerriets introduces new textile products, including five new fabrics, and a faux wall covering called The Wall. The new fabrics include Camouflage, available in white at 86" wide; the Macau string curtain with integrated metallic Lurex threads; Megastretch, a Polyurethane-coated stretch textile available at 86" wide; Eventmolton R44 drapery material, at 118" and 0.8oz/ft2, an alternative to Duvetyne R55; and a coated Soundmolton with sound reflection properties. All textiles and fabrics are flame-retardant and in the process testing to NFPA 701. The Wall is faux covering offered in the Brick and Rock versions. These are made from Neopor, a lightweight, newly developed Styrofoam.


PST-10 Modular LED Panel


The PST-10 modular LED panel combines ultra-bright 3-in-1 SMD LED pixels with an innovative mechanical design for indoor or outdoor video. Each panel comes with 12 MAG-10 modules that users can remove and operate independently. These modules have complete environmental protection along with lightweight magnesium housing that dissipates mechanical heat produced within the display face. Daktronics performs an automated full-depth factory calibration process that measures and adjusts both the intensity and color wavelength of every LED for color uniformity. Users can adjust brightness and color levels in the field to facilitate cross-rentals.

digiFLEX And Mirage m40


DigiFLEX is a flexible LED video skin that can be molded to the contours of displays to form smooth curves and high resolution video. The skin is manufactured in 320mm ×160mm magnetized tiles that can bend both horizontally and vertically to be attached to almost any metal surface without the need for a dedicated support structure. This system has a 10mm pixel pitch, is only a few millimetres deep, and weighs less than 1.3lbs per square foot. The Mirage m40 high-brightness version is a semi-transparent large-scale video screen with a 40mm pixel pitch with options for outdoor daylight viewing that can also be customized to any size, shape, or form, and can also be built as a standalone structure.



Chimera is an LED video system comprising LEDs mounted on printed circuit boards designed so that they can be cut to fit without cutting the power to the LEDs. In two sizes, the standard board can be cut to accommodate small to medium shapes or apertures, while the smaller version can literally be cut to pieces to fill the smallest gap. Designed for museums, interior designs, themed spaces, and hotel and reception areas, all installations of the product are custom created. The system can be used in the standard board format or transformed into an architectural façade with the addition of panes of sand-blasted glass placed in front of the boards. The optimum pixel pitch is determined by the project's needs. Using G-LEC's fiber-optic signal transmission technology, the system includes specific solutions for mounting, concealing the joints between boards, and front or rear servicing access.

F LED 11 And Spider 40 LED Modules

XL Video

XL Video introduces two new transparent mid- and high-resolution products, F LED 11 with an 11mm resolution and Spider 40 with a 40mm resolution. The F LED 11 is an indoor product that offers high resolution, brightness, and low weight — 20% of the weight of comparable LED tiles, according to the company. The packaging allows a 25m2 screen to occupy 5' of truck space and weighs 33lbs/m2. An optional touring frame adds strength and speeds up installation. The module offers 12-bit color and 5,500 NITs of brightness and has a viewing angle, both horizontal and vertical, of 160°. It measures 17.7"×17.7"×2.4" and consumes 1,000W/m2. The Spider 40 is an SMD LED product suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It features a 44% transparency and has a 16-bit color and a brightness of 5,000 NITs, with a viewing angle, both horizontal and vertical, of 120°. It is IP65-rated for outdoor use and has a maximum power consumption of 96W per tile. The Spider 40 module measures 25.2"×25.2"×4.5" and weighs 41lbs/m2.


Compass 2.1

Meyer Sound

Meyer Sound's Compass control software for the Galileo loudspeaker management system has been upgraded to version 2.1, available for download on the company's website. This version introduces a new tabbed interface that enables users to monitor the status of multiple Galileo 616 units in a single window. The interface can be scaled to fit any resolution display, and the colors can be configured for night or day use. The interface and controls are the same for Windows PC and Macintosh OS X, so switching between platforms is completely transparent. Functionality has been added for new and existing users, including those who use multiple Galileo 616 units to manage sound systems with more than 16 outputs. This version also provides a sophisticated channel linking system for setting control, simplifying adjustments of processing and output levels in one or more Galileo units simultaneously. The new version also includes a comprehensive context help system and full copy and paste of settings. Using TCP/IP protocol, the hardware/software system provides all of the facilities required to drive and align sound reinforcement systems employing multiple zones. The system consists of the Galileo 616, a six-input/16-output, 2U, fully digital matrix processor and software. Galileo 616 can also be controlled directly from its front panel for maximum flexibility.

LX-218 Subwoofer

DAS Audio

The LX-218 is a twin 18" subwoofer system designed for improved output power handling, bandwidth extension, and reduced distortion and power compression. Frequency range (-10dB) for the subwoofer is 28Hz to 85Hz with a power of 4,000W, sensitivity of 103 dB SPL, and impedance of 4 ohms. This unit is designed for applications requiring high-level sub-bass extension. It incorporates the 18LX long excursion cone transducer, and the new horizontal cabinet configuration incorporates two 18LX speakers. The enclosure construction features 18mm plywood, finished with Iso-Flex black paint. Cabinets purchased for groundstack can be upgraded to the LX-218R arrayable versions with the optional rigging hardware kit. Optional rear casters are available.

VRX928LA And VRX915S White

JBL Professional

The VRX928LA-WH compact, portable line array loudspeaker and VRX915S-WH subwoofer are both now available in a white installation version. The models were designed specifically for permanent installations and build on the VRX series. The VRX928LA-WH is a lightweight, compact, 8“, two-way, 400W line array loudspeaker system that provides line array performance in smaller applications that do not require the long-throw characteristics of larger systems. It may be flown in arrays of up to six, and integral rigging hardware is used to securely lock the array together. The companion subwoofer VRX915S-WH features a 15", 800W direct radiating woofer. It has been designed to integrate with the VRX928LA-WH and supports the same built-in rigging for efficient, simple and secure installation.

IP901 Connect

Production Intercom

The IP901 Connect features self-balancing DSP and intelligent echo cancellation, addressing issues associated with full duplex IP audio communications, such as echo, level balancing, and compression. The system's “learning” DSP has been adapted from a design developed for the VOIP telephone industry, and a joint venture with Barix, an IP communications company, make this unit an advanced means of intercom-over-internet communications. Connections include 3-pin XLR and Cat5, and programming is similar to setting up a router. Balancing of audio and echo cancellation is preformed via the “learn” button on the front panel. In addition, the input and output levels may be adjusted independently using the recessed screws on the front panel. A built in VU meter assists in determining the level adjustments. The unit is compatible with internet-capable devices such as laptops, desktops, and PDAs. Two units may be used in a point-to-point configuration to give uninterrupted full duplex communication between two intercom systems virtually anywhere in the world.


411 Series Roadcases


The new 411 Series from Stagegear feature EverRoll casters with sealed precision bearings, 9/11/13-ply European birch construction, three exterior finish choices, and countersunk/recessed hardware. Also new is the LightHouse interior lighting system option that incorporates a high-output LED strip to light the case interior with a flip of a switch.

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