Product News

Video/Projection Gear

Analog to Digital Scaler


The Gefen VGA to DVI Scaler enables image refinements through its on-screen display with adjustments for color, brightness, contrast, sharpness, RGB levels, and tint. Video de-interlacing and digital noise reduction are also included. Scaled HD resolutions up to 1280×1024 for computers and 1080i for HDTV sources are supported. The scaler comes with one VGA (HD-15) input and one DVI-I output, designed to connect analog computers, components, and S-video sources to a digital display or projector. A DVI-I to VGA adapter is offered for optional output to any display with a VGA input. A 5V power supply and 6' VGA cable completes the package.


Diagonal Research

The NEV8.2 Media Server and Device Controller is currently on tour with Tool and includes several substantial feature upgrades. The biggest enhancement is the return of frame modes for the FFV Omega driver, which gives NEV8.2 the ability to run various built-in video effects using media stored on the Omega drives. This is a feature that was developed on the road with Tool in 2001 and now is available on all NEV systems. This is also the first NEV OS to feature the NEVNet monitoring system. The controllers can be connected to outboard computers with a standard Ethernet network, and the NEVnet software allows remote status monitoring of any part of a NEV video system. For example, NEVnet can be run on a laptop computer at FOH to give the programmer more tactile feedback from the system. The monitoring system gives information that can make programming much faster. Another new feature is the GPI daughter board. This allows DMX control of GPI and contact closures. In general, this allows DMX control of many more industry-standard video devices that use the GPI system. In addition, there are new drivers for Christie projectors, Analog Way switchers, Sony mixing consoles, and more on the way.

FLM HD18, FLM HD14, and XLM HD30 Projectors


Three new HD projectors are available from Barco for rental and staging applications. The FLM HD18 and FLM HD14 provide high brightness native HD projection in large venues, while the XLM HD30 is suited for projecting HD images in ultra-widescreen applications. The FLM HD18 and FLM HD14 are compact, 3-chip DLP projectors. The FLM HD18 delivers native HD (1920×1080) at 18,000 center lumens. The FLM HD14, with 14,000 center lumens, is optimized for widescreen applications. The lens range of the RLM and SLM projector series can be reused on the FLM series. Both the FLM HD18 and FLM HD14 feature 10-bit processing. The third new HD projector, the XLM HD30, has a light output of 30,000 center lumens. Delivering native 2048×1080 resolution (DC2K) and featuring a fully sealed DMD engine, it supersedes the HD25.

Collage Generator

High End Systems

Collage Generator is a new software feature for the HES DL.2 Digital Light. The patent-pending software enables DL.2 fixtures to create seamless panoramic media projections controlled from a lighting console. It allows the user to take any image, either stock or custom content, and segment it into countless images for projection through DL.2s. Most panoramas can be set up during pre-production in under 25 minutes. Multiple panoramas can be called up as cues on one show. The free software download will be available on High End Systems' website, and a video demo is online in the Video Vault of the website.

VideoScreen 2.0

Landru Design

VideoScreen is a plug-in that allows VectorWorks users to insert video devices such as projection screens, plasma televisions, CRT monitors, and LED arrays into drawings. On the latest version, the 2D screen texture is now changeable through the attributes palette. A multiple projector option has also been added. Projectors can either be stacked or placed side by side. RP and FP screen formats now have a Fast-Fold® leg option. Included with that option is a toggle to draw a standard screen dress kit. Users also can now specify one of the included stock floor stands (scaffolding, AV carts, and tables), placing projectors relative to desired flown trim heights or aligning them with the tops or bottoms of their screens. RP screens show the reversed image on its back side, and options have been added to place different PIO text in the drawing: screen dimensions, lens rating, distance to the screen from the lens, and projector ID. A “hide screen” option has been added.

Spyder 365 and Spyder 374

Vista Systems

Two new 11-channel Spyder models, a linear keying feature, and parallel expansion for all Spyder systems have recently been introduced. Spyder 365 has six inputs and five outputs; Spyder 374 has seven inputs and four outputs. A linear keyer is now available on every input. This enables full-motion linear keying using professional character generators to shape the video windows and produce soft keys for lower thirds and other effects. With parallel expansion, users will be able to link units for expanded bandwidth and the ability to add pixel space.

Staging Gear


Vertigo Rigging

Vertigo Rigging has announced another new addition to its stock of specialist rigging products: the high strength, lightweight Flightdeck system. The system is designed to allow fast and economical creation of walkways and gantries for access, stages, flown bridges for scenic requirements, and decks for towers and camera platforms. This flexible, modular and lightweight system was designed and engineered by Vertigo Rigging and is available exclusively to Vertigo's rental and sales clients. The system is available complete with load-bearing hand rails for safety and can be supplied with access hatches if required. The standard system comes in 1m×2m deck sections, and custom sizes can be fabricated on request. Flightdeck is available from stock as a hire or sales item in various configurations.

Antari Z-1020 Fog Machine


Featuring an innovative heating system that uses mirror pipe technology, the 1,000W Z-1020 fogger has a flat horizontal shape that allows it to be positioned in multiple ways to fit a wider variety of applications. The fogger is part of the next-generation Z-Series II line recently launched by Antari and available in the US exclusively from Elation. Designed for special applications, it can be placed on the ground to shoot fog straight up; it can be wall-mounted without having to use a special bracket; or it can be carried by the handle to create fog in a traditional upright position. It outputs 10,000 cubic-ft. per minute and also has an all-new spiral heater made of stainless steel that transfers energy more efficiently. This results in an electricity savings of about 20%. Other features include a thermal switch that automatically cuts power when the fogger overheats and a low-fluid detector. An ECO thermal control system detects very slight drops in temperature and automatically reheats the machine. This keeps the unit at an exact temperature and allows for thinner, more consistent fog production. Also included are an onboard DMX interface and a wired toggle switch on/off remote controller. An optional Z-40 timer remote and Z-50 wireless remote (sold separately) are available for purchase.

Unique2 Hazer

Look Solutions

Unique2 is a water-based haze machine with many new features. It is available with an optional yoke for a hanging configuration or as a portable touring version built into a flight case. Output settings have been expanded to levels adjustable from 1 to 40 for finer control. The pump and fan can be adjusted separately in 99 steps to fine-tune the density and output. Compared to its predecessor, the Unique2 has almost 60% greater output. A sealed fan motor means that if haze fluid ends up inside the machine, the fan won't short out. The electronics are also in a separate chamber from the fluid pump and heater. Special fluid guarantees minimal fluid consumption, low running costs, and optimal haze effects. A single two-liter canister provides up to 50 hours of continuous output. A fluid-flow sensor shuts down the machine when fluid cannot flow freely through the heater. Power on/off can now be controlled via DMX, and the machine can be made to sleep or wake via DMX. An internal timer with digital display can adjust haze time in seconds, wait time in minutes, and the output of the pump and fan in percentages. With the Haze-Density Control System, an individual profile for a show can be programmed. The program can be activated with a radio remote, wired XLR remote, or stand-alone controls.

Lighting Gear

Portfolio Series


A new line of tabletop ModelBOXes, the Portfolio Series, is populated with a full fixture inventory derived directly from Thematics' Custom ModelBOX Series. Users have a full range of patented pinpoint fiber optic miniature lights replicating the properties of an ETC Source Four in 1/4" scale. Additionally, there is an equipment list of new LED strips and chips from Color Kinetics replicating ColorBlasts and Altman Lighting SpectraPARS. The main difference between the custom and tabletop versions is the box itself. Measuring an open volume of space 24" (stage depth) × 30" (proscenium opening) × 20" (grid height), the Portfolio Series does not replicate a specific architecture. The sidelight track is adjustable, and the frame assembles quickly on any flat surface and collapses into the optional zip-up portfolio carrying case. Prepackaged in three levels of both DMX and manual control, the DMX version comes with a model stand floor which contains all of the digital dimmers (by Digital Lighting Co.) and power data modules (by Color Kinetics) necessary to control up to 54 channels of DMX with the Lightbox operating system's console or a light board of choice. The manual illuminators allow designers to use a console without losing intensity control.

ColorSpot 2500E AT


ColorSpot 2500E AT is Robe's most powerful moving light fixture to date, featuring an MSR Gold 1200 SA/SE FastFit lamp with a 1,400W electronic ballast. The optical system consists of a high luminous efficiency parabolic glass reflector, focus lens, and multi-step zoom lens with a 10° to 30° beam angle. All lenses are antireflection coated. Along with a CMY color mixing system, 63 color macros create a preset palette of color tones. A color correction filter lowers the temperature from 5600°K to 3200°K. The color wheel has four dichroic filters, an UV filter, a 6000°K filter, and white and rotates at variable speeds in both directions. There is also an option for random color selection via audio input or for auto-random color selection. Two gobo wheels are included. The first includes six replaceable dichroic glass gobos, plus an open position, and rotates in both directions at different speeds. The second gobo wheel also features six gobos, with one glass and five dichroic glass gobos plus an open position. The fixture includes an effects wheel with three-faceted and five-faceted prisms and two glass effects, all of which rotate in both directions at different speeds. A variable speed strobe effect can be activated through preprogrammed macros with variable random pulse effects. Also included is an independent frost effect for fine frosting. The 10° to 30° focus/zoom facility is remotely controlled, and the iris is motorized and adjusts to give an infinite variety of different beam widths. Additional features include micro-step driven dimming; an Ethernet port; graphic LCD display; two control buttons for the control wheel; remote lamp ignition or extinguishing via DMX; demo sequences; stand-alone operation; and manual control.



The X-Ball is a modular LED luminaire that can splash virtually any color, anywhere. The unit is equipped with red, green, and blue LEDs, which can create up to 16 million colors. Featuring heavy-duty die-cast construction and a transparent glass cover, it is weather resistant, making it suitable for indoor/outdoor signage, building accents, video walls, logo graphics, and general environment lighting. It's also submersible to 1m with an IP 67 rating for use in fountains, ponds, and pools. Available in two sizes — 42 LEDs (18 red, 12 green, 12 blue) or 21 LEDs (9 red, 6 green, 6 blue) — the modules can be run individually or daisy-chained and worked in groups up to 3,000+ units. Up to 42 modules can be run per power supply, with 300ma consumption per module. Each unit has a unique address, which is individually addressable from a PC or optional hand-held remote. Units can also be addressed via TCP/IP, DMX, or Acclaim Software. Once programmed, it retains the data in non-volatile memory. It also features digital video input, and when used with Acclaim Digital Video Systems (DVS), it can provide full pixel video. Three operating modes are available for one, two, or three-channel operation. RGB color mixing is done in the three-channel mode. The two-channel mode features color mixing in the first channel and brightness control in the second. The one-channel mode is used to produce a single channel of color. The unit comes with 10 preset programs and speed/fade time selection. An optional remote controller is also available.


Lex Products

Anaconda is a digital, microprocessor-based portable dimming system for entertainment applications. Features include one-, two-, or three-phase power feed and four or six channels of 600W, 800W, or 1,200W per channel configuration. The system is immune to mains mis-wiring due to its use of Electrol's Voltage Error© Detection circuitry that instantly shuts down all dimmer functions when neutral or ground conductors rise to a potentially dangerous level. It is heavily filtered (350µs) to minimize harmonic distortion. Available with Edison, stage pin, or 19-pin receptacle outputs, it also includes phase indicator LEDs for troubleshooting and accepts a wide AC voltage range. Additional features include an integrated DMX terminator switch, fully isolated DMX control input for signal integrity, programmable non-dim relay function, DMX receive indicator, individual channel level setting, digital display for addressing and setting operating functions, and DMX group decode and soft patch programming.


Color Kinetics

The EssentialWhite series is designed to deliver the advantages of LED sources for common applications that don't require full intelligence but provide entry-level LED lighting solutions that meet specifier-grade standards. They are therefore well suited for areas where conventional light sources are impractical, such as tight or heat-sensitive spaces, in harsh or vibration-prone environments, and where frequent maintenance and lamp replacement are undesirable. They are available in a range of fixed color temperatures to suit varying environments, including architectural and retail applications; cove and accent lighting; and displays and exhibits. New members of the series include eW Cove, a dimmable, 12" (30.5 cm) or 6" (15.2 cm) linear system for common, medium-luminance alcove applications; and eW MR, a compact lamp designed to retrofit into most standard MR16 fixtures and sockets.

LightJockey Universal USB/DMX

Martin Professional

The PC-based LightJockey lighting controller is now available in a single universal version, LightJockey Universal USB/DMX. The new interface is an all-in-one system, fully compatible with Martin's Maxxyz lighting console, Maxxyz PC, Martin ShowDesigner, and Ether2DMX. It is configurable in terms of in/out, features 5-pin XLR female connectors, and provides two DMX 512 universes from any USB enabled Windows-based PC. The system comes with LightJockey Software CD Version 2.7.1; Universal USB/DMX Interface; 5-pin male to 3-pin female adapter; 5-pin male to 5-pin male adapter; USB cable; Universal USB/DMX Driver Installer Software; DMX Tools Software Package.

Sound Gear



The XL8 live performance system is a digital audio mixing console and the first of a new generation of open-architecture, cross-platform, integrated audio control and distribution systems, which brings control of not only audio, but other aspects of a live performance to a single control center. The networked system requires only mics, amps, and speakers. The open architecture ensures that both third-party hardware and software, including plug-ins, can be easily integrated into the system. The control center includes 10 DL471 DSP engines, two DL461 audio system signal routers, five DL451 audio system modular I/Os, four DL431 audio system input splitters, and a DN9331 Klark Teknik Helix Rapide. Additional features include failure-tolerance of any single failure of hardware or software; Linux operating system; dual redundant master control processors; five individual bay control processors; and a three-year factory warranty.

Hybrid Audio and Data Multi-Pair

Link USA

Providing analog and multi-pair Ethernet transmission solutions between the front of house and amp locations, the Hybrid Audio and Data Multi-pair are analog Cat 5 hybrid cables specifically designed for fixed installation and mobile applications. Continuing the eurocable tradition of providing strength and flexibility for portable applications while maintaining high-level electrical properties, it is designed to facilitate audio drive rack and data signals. It features 12 and 24 individually jacketed shielded audio pairs with two integral Cat 5 UTP Ethernet cables for data and/or digital audio transmission. Each analog pair consists of two insulated twisted conductors and drain wire, aluminum/Mylar foil shield, and jacket, and the Cat 5 consists of four data pairs (24AWG) and overall tape. The cable is available in 1,000' lengths on wooden reels.

Pro64 Line


The Pro64 line of audio networking products is powered by Aviom's A-Net Pro64 audio networking protocol, which delivers archival quality audio with ultra-low latency, jitter, and wander, while supporting continuously variable sample rates and all connection topologies. Every system is a true network, distributing multiple channels of audio to as many locations as desired without being restricted by locations of inputs and outputs or the direction of the signal flow. In Auto Mode, up to 64 channels (24 bits, 48kHz) are distributed throughout the entire network. Channels can be input anywhere in the system and output everywhere, regardless of network topology and layout. A-Net Pro64 also supports a more traditional bi-directional mode of operation, with two 64-channel audio streams, one in each direction. Both streams are available in every module, at all times. Because new channels can be added to a selected stream at any time, there is no practical limit to the total channels. Additionally, the protocol reserves system bandwidth for integrated transmission of multiple streams of non-audio data such as MIDI, GPIO, and RS-232. Virtual Data Cables (VDCs) allow network-wide distribution of these non-audio data streams in parallel with the audio, with no loss of performance. With the VDCs, users can integrate relevant control data, significantly expanding the power of the one-cable solution.

SWA2801z Subwoofer


The SWA2801z combines dual 18" drivers, a built-in 800W FR Series power amplifier, and Mackie's trademark active onboard electronics. Specifically designed to outperform traditional two 18" systems, its electronics provide integration of all components. The electronics are customized for each driver/cabinet/amplifier combination and provide complete, real-time control over critical functions such as crossover filters, equalization, as well as protection for both transducer and electronics. Active electronics also allow for integration with full-range loudspeakers, which can be stacked or pole-mounted, whether the subwoofer is positioned vertically or horizontally. XLR connections on the back provide stereo input, loop-through and high-pass outputs, while a subwoofer level control allows the user to easily blend with its full-range counterparts. Carrying handles are built into each side, and heavy-duty casters are attached. The SWA2801z complements Mackie's recently expanded SA and SR Series active full-range loudspeakers.