Power Station Creation

Along the south bank of London's Thames, Ten Alps Events covered the Battersea Power Station with a canvas of color for an ARK charity fundraising dinner.

Anton Jeffery, project manager for Ten Alps, used both lighting and large format projection for the event. Lighting designer Andy Grant produced a colorful scheme for the south face, and E\T\C UK's Emma Williamson and Ross Ashton collaborated to coordinate the projection artwork. It went through many transformations of a four-seasons cycle, ending with a six-minute finale in tandem with the lighting.

While chimney projections towered some 30', Grant filled the lower part of the two façades with light from City Color MHD fixtures.

Lighting was rounded out by 11 Space Cannons, arranged in a ‘V’ - these bridged the gap between the Station and the guest tent. The open end of the V faced the tent, creating distorted perspectives, framing the power station, and providing color-changing sweeps and beam patterns.

All lighting equipment was supplied by Essential Lighting. The show was programmed and operated by Phil Cole using a High End Systems WholeHog® II console.