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Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall Installs LDR Products

KATOWICE, Poland –  The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR) fulfills the role of an ambassador of Polish culture on the international artistic scene and the   Concert Hall , located in Katowice   southern Poland , it's been built with the target to point this post-mining city towards the culture by creating a cultural center capable to stimulate the entire region.

The new NOSPR Concert hall, offers a total of 25,450 square meters of floor space and a total cubic volume of 199,841 cubic meters of space. The performance spaces include a large concert hall (1,800 seats), a chamber music hall with 300 seats, rehearsal space, a recording studio and  administrative areas along with space devoted to musical archives.

The project also included the development of the area around the building, including an amphitheater, communication services, restaurant, parks and related infrastructure.

The Main concert hall is designed for all types of symphonic music and can accommodate up to 120 musicians, including a choir and the organ.

The lighting design in the main concert hall, chamber music hall and rehearsal is mainly based on Tungsten Halogen LDR professional theatrical products 1 and 2Kw Fresnel (Nota and Tono) and 1.2 and 2 Kw Double optical zoom profile spotlights ( Nota 8/22 and Tono 8/22).

Fabiano Besio from the company LDR comments, “the LDR products were chosen for the high performances, noiseless during operation and for the eye catching Italian design which allowed architects to position the product nearby the audience.”

The entire LDR product line is imported in the USA from CANTOUSA , Atlanta based company which supplies and manufactures professional AVL solutions for the entertainment industry.

“ The double optical zoom profile spot differentiate from conventional Axial profile for its unique capability to project an homogeneous lighting beam and to fully resolve at any given beam angle A and B size gobos,” says the CANTOUSA spokesman. “We are happy to provide to all the American based customers some new lighting tools that will enhance their lighting creativity.”

More details from LDR and  U.S. distributor Canto USA ( and