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Eye spy The Door Spy(R) is a four-way security door viewer that allows the user to view clearly--forward, right, left, and below--by rotating the eyepiece. It provides full 180-degree visibility (90% distortion free) without opening the door. The patented UL-listed fire door viewer is constructed of steel, Pyrex lenses, and ABS plastic and is available in various colors and metallic finishes. Originally developed for use by security-conscious apartment dwellers, Door Spy is useful for theatre back doors and backstage doors that open directly into lobby areas. RUDOLPH-DESCO CO. INC. Englewood Cliffs, NJ

A box of light Westcott's Fabric Grid Accessory is a collapsible grid that provides 40 degrees of concentrated, hard-edged light when combined with the Westcott Box. The Westcott Box provides light control with various accessories including front diffusion panels and removable interior baffles. Interiors can be changed, and louver kits are available in sets of six. The Westcott Box is available in four different sizes, and collapses into a small carrying case. The fabric grid attaches to the Westcott Box via Velcro strips, along all four sides of the box. WESTCOTT Toledo, OH

Going to X-Tremes Operating on DMX512, the X-Treme effect from American DJ Supply features nine colors plus white, eight gobo patterns plus spot, strobes, and speed control. The company says that all these features combine to create a light show that's on the "outer extremes" of visual excitement. Its color and gobo wheels are separate and operate independently of one another, rotating at 360 degrees with full speed control, so users can create many varieties of pattern/color combinations that can move and change at any desired tempo. AMERICAN DJ SUPPLY Los Angeles, CA

A fabric that sticks DuvePro(TM) is a specially designed, pressure-sensitive, tape-backed polyester felt black fabric that can replace traditional black cloth commonly used in theatres, production facilities, and other entertainment venues. It can be used as masking or for blacking out stage sets, wrapping truss, patching curtains, and eliminating lighting hot spots. As a direct replacement for fabric, there is no need for separate attachment devices and the labor to install staples, nails, etc. DuvePro is manufactured in 25yd (23m) rolls and is available in eight widths. DuvePro is matte black, and the self-stick acrylic adhesive allows the tape to be easily applied and removed, without leaving a sticky residue. PRO-TAPES AND SPECIALTIES Edison, NJ

Data dispatcher Belden's MediaTwist(TM) cable is a special UTP (unshielded twisted pair) design available in plenum (1874A) and non-plenum (1872A) versions that includes bonded pairs, specially configured conductor insulation, and jacket design. The MediaTwist cable can support applications such as phone, fax, data, analog audio and video, token ring, digital video to 270Mbps, and many other signal protocols. It is also designed to support the transmission requirements of ISDN, Switched 56, T-1, E-1, RS-422, RS-423, RS-485, 10 baseT, and 100baseT data protocols. The unshielded cable can support different signal types, at different levels and different frequencies in adjacent pairs, over significant distances without interference. BELDEN WIRE & CABLE Richmond, IN

A real live wire Live Wire is a special ultra-thin electroluminescent cable available in 10 colors, powered by AC or batteries. It is available in precut sizes or in custom lengths up to 600' (183m). Constructed of low-profile copper wire, with special phosphors atomized and evenly distributed on the wire, Live Wire is totally encased in a protective plastic sheet. Live Wire is flexible, cold to the touch, and yields an even output of light and color throughout its length. The water-resistant product, used on "Batman & Robin," bonds with many adhesives and is very economical to use. Available colors include red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and other vibrant shades. LIVE WIRE ENTERPRISES Brooklyn, NY

Arch support Two truss arch components have been added to Interlock Structures' SnapTruss(R) line of structural/decorative metal truss. The smaller of the two components has an overall length of 6' (1.8m) with an arching outside radius of 2' (0.6m); the larger arch is 8' (2.4m) long with a 3' (0.9m) arch radius. Both are in a tri-truss configuration with an inside vertex on the arches, and are designed with a 9" (22.9cm) on-center dimension for full compatibility with any other SnapTruss component. They are available in a broad spectrum of colors, textures, and metallic finishes. INTERLOCK STRUCTURES INTERNATIONAL Minneapolis, MN

Here comes the sun The Malibu(R) Solar Light features a high-tech solar panel and battery, stays lit longer, and charges more completely than other solar lights, says its manufacturer, Intermatic. A specially designed solar panel collects sunlight throughout the day and converts it into electricity; energy is transferred and stored in rechargeable batteries. As night approaches, the fixture automatically turns itself on and casts a warm amber glow. It is the first solar-powered product to offer LED technology, enabling it to stay lit longer. The Malibu Solar Light is offered individually, in a double-light package, and as a four-light set containing a solar collector, rechargeable batteries, and cable that connects the lights. INTERMATIC INC. Spring Grove, IL

Drop-in followspots Chris Lewton, the master electrician at Washington's Arena Stage, has developed the Drop-In Boomerang, which, when used with City Theatrical's Drop-In Iris and Followspot Handle, can turn many ETC Source Fours and Altman Shakespeares into workable followspots. The Boomerang drops into any fixture with a 6 1/4" color frame spot, holds six colors, and reverses for either right- or left-handed operation. The device is made from lightweight aluminum and has color selector levers with adjustable friction locks and large, easy-to-grip plastic knobs, like a typical followspot. CITY THEATRICAL INC. Bronx, NY

Lift and go Self-propelled Scissor Lifts from Genie Industries are electrically operated and designed to meet 1998 ANSI standards. The Scissor Lifts feature a handheld pendant controller to operate the machine functions. Five models with different platform heights are available, all with built-in self-diagnostics, disk brakes, fully proportional lifts and drive controls, as well as an extended battery duty cycle. GENIE INDUSTRIES Redmond, WA