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OneRepublic Returns With Bandit Lites

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – American rock band OneRepublic returned to the road with lighting provided Bandit Lites. Following their wildly successful Native Tour, the multiplatinum band continues to promote their third studio album, Native, with performances in Canada and overseas.

Due to the smashing success of their North American tour, lighting designer Chris Lisle kept a similar design consisting of diamond shaped lighting pods and video screens and utilizing layers of lights throughout rig allowing for incredible, epic looks.

Lighting equipment provided by Bandit included MAC Vipers, Bandit 5x5s, Clay Paky B-Eye K-20s, Clay Paky Sharpys, MAC Auras, and two GrandMA 2 consoles.

“I worked close with Brent Kutzle (OneRepublic Bass Player) on the overall look of the show,” explained Lisle. “While we were bouncing around ideas, Scott Scovill from MooTV came up with the awesome looking diamond video screens. I wanted to create some structure/pods to accent that, and thus the diamond pods were born!”

The DS Auras are used for key/front light, MS Auras are layered as base colors, while Vipers provide gobo looks and backlight. Sharpys deliver punchy beam looks, B-Eye's are used partly for wash and then the rest of the show for eye candy, and finally, Bandit 5x5's are used for pixel map moments and ‘general mayhem,’ according to Lisle.

“We wanted to do something different but also keep the trucking, load in/out time, and labor factors in mind,” he added. “The system is designed in a way to build efficiently and scale when it needs to. With the layering that we are doing in the trusses, we are able to get some great lighting looks with good depth.”

“As always, it is such a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with the entire team, including Zito (Production Manager), Chris Lisle and AJ Pen (Lighting Director) on the OneRepublic Tour,” said Brent Barrett, Bandit’s Business Development Officer. The professionalism and ingenuity this team asserts has resulted in a production that is simply incredible.”

Chris Lisle echoed Barrett’s compliments sharing, “As always, Bandit has been amazing to work with. Their attention to detail is superb and they always send an amazing product out the door every time.”

About Bandit Lites, Inc.

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