Omnia Nightclub's Lighting System: The Main Room

Omnia Nightclub's Lighting System: The Main Room


As overseer of the design and installation of audio, video, and lighting at Omnia nightclub at Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Audiotek brought in Willie Williams as guest designer, who calls this project “entirely new territory for me,” as he has worked primarily on concert tours for most of his career thus far.

“We knew from the word go that the Hakkasan team wanted to raise the stakes exponentially,” says Williams. “The Vegas club scene is extremely competitive, and trends move on very quickly, so the goal was always to design something that would stand the test of time. No one knows what the next big thing will be, so Omnia has been designed to be as future-proof as possible.”


Andy Taylor worked with Williams on the lighting design and says that the brief from Hakkasan Group, which owns and operates Omnia, was “simply to create a game-changer, a nightclub that raised the bar so high, every other nightclub in not only Vegas, but the world, would need binoculars to even see the underside of the bar.”

Williams, who calls the main room’s kinetic chandelier “as much a spaceship as it is a chandelier,” proposed the idea of concentric rings with three categories of function: to move the lighting system, support the central strings of LED crystals, and simply as decoration.  (Read the full interview with Willie Williams.)

“It was as much as I could do to convince him we needed some space somewhere on them to squeeze in some lights,” Taylor jokes about working with Williams on the chandelier lighting, which features 33 Robe Robin Pointes, 18 Robe Robin MMX Spots, and 11 TMB Solaris LED Flares hung from rings 4 and 8 of the kinetic chandelier/spaceship. “To me, the lighting on the rings over the dance floor pretty much designed itself,” Taylor adds. “To have a set up like that is a dream—as many beam lights as we could reasonably squeeze in to create fantastic interwoven beam patterns, coupled with spot fixtures to create both texture and additional in-air effects to add to the motion of the rings was a given.”


Additionally, in the main room are four more MMX spots and four Ayrton MagicPanel-R fixtures on a separate truss above and behind the DJ, with 24 Robe Robin 300E Spots under the mezzanine, 16 Ayrton MagicBlade-R units at ceiling height above the mezzanine level, and 12 more MMX spots above the main bar. “The lighting over the seating areas both above and below the balcony serve to bring the rest of the room into play as well as the main dance floor,” says Taylor. “It’s very important that customers seated feel part of the action and not as if they’re looking on remotely from some dark spot on the periphery.” Two MA Lighting grandMA consoles run the main room, one for lighting and one for video.

Stay tuned for more coverage on the lighting systems in Omnia.

Check out our full coverage, sponsored by Robe and L-Acoustics, at our Project In Focus on Omnia here, and check back often for continuing updates.

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