Aerial Feats At Omnia Photo courtesy of Braun Productions

Aerial Feats At Omnia

The hottest new club in Las Vegas, Omnia at Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, features the aerial artistry of Braun Productions, a Las Vegas-based aerial effects, theatrical design, and rigging company that is in charge of all aerial rigging and the massive chandelier—all operating on over 30 winches—as well as the aerial performers and dancers. “There are up to six riggers on the catwalk and another two in the control booth on site every night,” says Eric Braun of Braun Productions.


Photo courtesy of Braun Productions

The club is designed so there are six points in the ceiling for the aerial acts. The extensive lighting system can track and move along with each performer as they fly high above the capacity crowds. “The performers are not connected directly to the chandelier, but can move in sync with it,” Steven Diamond of Braun Productions explains. Built by Tait, and using the Navigator control system, the chandelier might be considered the successor to the smaller one that flew in sections for the Las Vegas production of Phantom Of The Opera, for which Braun served as stunt coordinator.

The rigging points for the aerialists can also be used for flying bottle service to high rollers at VIP tables. “It’s pretty fabulous when the bottles come out of the sky and land at your table,” notes Diamond, adding that they have also been known to deliver the impossible at a moment’s notice, including a flying birthday cake from the sky above, candles and all.

Check out our full coverage, sponsored by Robe and L-Acoustics, at our Project In Focus on Omnia here, and check back often for continuing updates.

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