Five Minutes With Wolfgang Nothnagel, CEO At Filmtec

Five Minutes With Wolfgang Nothnagel, CEO At Filmtec

Wolfgang Nothnagel, CEO at Filmtec creates technical concepts for clients such as Volkswagen, Adidas, Deutsche Bank, OBI, Bertelsmann and many more including Fortune 500 clients.

Nothnagel joined Filmtec in 2012 and as CEO increased employees from 3 to 11.

Previously, he has worked as a stage manager and show director and Avid artist at German broadcaster ZDF in Mainz and local production companies in Frankfurt, Germany. He started his career at Lufthansa Frankfurt, as an Avionics Technician then went on study Broadcast and TV Studio Engineering in Wiesbaden, graduating with a Dipl. Ing. Fernsehtechnik in 1997 while working as an event supplier. He has worked as a projection technician and broadcast technician.

Nothnagel runs a separate business in security and defense simulation and training, which allows him further to combine both his passion for training and technical skills.

Live Design: What inspires you?

Wolfgang Nothnagel: Filmtec is ever expanding the possibilities of modern technology. After 20 years in the business, it’s so much fun to bring old ideas and standards back to life and incorporate them into a modern communication flow using the tools and possibilities of today's future-proof hardware.

What some of the newer generation doesn’t know is that old concepts have been adapted to new. For example, at a trade show booth, the formal presentation on the podium is coming back into popularity again. There’s a certain amount of evolutionary circle when it comes to events.

I love to see stage directing and invention of new concepts. There’s a lot of theatre in what we do. I like to start from scratch using just a blank piece of paper, see just what we could incorporate into it.

LD: How does media server technology help with projects such as Volkswagen Group?

WN: Uncompressed really helps in solving quality issues removing the need to debate and discussion quality with content creators. Volkswagen and other brands pay a lot of money to have highest quality car video. You can have the best camera system in the world but when you get the material and play it back on mid-level server, you lose color depth and increase distortion. You run into issues that make it look bad. That was a pain for the video producer as they could see the low quality. Using uncompressed completely removes the argument.

Additionally, you are using less servers with AV Stumpfl Wings Engine Raw 8K; it delivers more simultaneous output screens that reduces the number of servers by 30%.

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